dig (one's) heels in

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dig (one's) heels in

To cling stubbornly to one's beliefs, position, or wishes. Please let me tell my side of the story before you dig your heels in on this, OK? I told Grace she can't go, and now she's dug her heels in as if this party is the most important thing in her life.
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dig one's heels in

Fig. to refuse to alter one's course of action or opinions; to be obstinate or determined. The student dug her heels in and refused to obey the instructions. I'm digging in my heels. I'm not going back.
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ˌdig your ˈheels in

(informal) refuse to do something or to change your views: A number of councils have dug their heels in over the government’s request to reduce spending. OPPOSITE: give way (to somebody/something)
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Success saw him move to Hollywood to make the feature-length movie Chicken Run, but he said he had to dig his heels in to keep the film the way he wanted.
I implore Mike Nattrass to dig his heels in on this, and put a stop to this disgraceful affair once and for all.
IF JACK McConnell is serious about bringing immigrants to Scotland, he should dig his heels in over the Home Office's awful treatment of the Albanian Vucaj family, dragged out in dawn raids after four years of living here and being part of the community.
The huge 230lb 3oz fish emptied all but 50 yards of John's 400-yard capacity reel and he had to dig his heels in for two hours before the monster was beached.
Land Rover boss Bob Dover is absolutely right to dig his heels in and refuse to give in to this ridiculous form of blackmail.
Kevin McKenzie will dig his heels in to help North and Midlands clinch Euro glory.