dig at

dig at (someone or something)

1. verb Literally, to poke or prod someone or something. Those darn groundhogs keep digging at my herb garden!
2. verb To make a critical comment about someone or something. You need to stop digging at your friends all the time, or they're going to stop hanging out with you.
3. noun A critical comment about someone or something. Every time I'm with Ben, he seems to make a dig at my appearance.
See also: dig

dig at someone or something

1. Lit. to poke or jab at someone or something. Don't dig at me all the time. My side is getting sore where you jabbed me. Stop digging at the wall! Look at the hole you've made!
2. Fig. to make a cutting remark about someone or something. She is always digging at her husband's laziness. Fred was digging at the company he works for.
See also: dig
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BUDDING archaeologists are being invite to join a real dig at a new historic site in York.
Once lines and pipes are marked, dig at least 2 ft.