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dig (someone)

To like (romantically or otherwise), understand, or approve of someone. A: "OK, you understand everything I told you?" B: "Yeah, I dig you man." I'm going to ask Cynthia out on a date tonight, I really dig her.
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dig (something)

To understand, approve of, or enjoy something. I really dig this music, man! I dig the way you stood up to that bully.
See also: dig


1. tv. & in. to understand something. I just don’t dig what you are saying.
2. tv. to appreciate something; to like something. He really digs classical music.
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In 1995, four sites in the Middle and Lower Meadows were randomly chosen as experimental dig sites.
Dig This also offers specialty packages and corporate programming including: Excavate & Exfoliate in partnership with Canyon Ranch SpaClub[R] at The Venetian[R] and The Palazzo[R]; Dig & Destroy in conjunction with the Guns and Ammo Garage; Executive Retreat and Development; Competitive Edge Team Building; and Incentive Trips.
Dig This also offers specialty packages and corporate programming; Executive Retreat and Development; Competitive Edge Team Building; and Incentive Trips.
After these big digs, the researchers in 2001 turned to radar to investigate two unexcavated 20-m-by-50-m plots near the uncovered buildings.
If man's troublesome relationship to nature has been Dion's principal theme over the years, his recent forays into archaeology leading up to the Tate Thames Dig could perhaps be said to represent a slight shift in focus, since the objects collected, organized, and displayed are to a large extent artifacts.
In addition, if someone wants to dig near a Koch Pipeline asset, a Koch Pipeline representative must be on site to observe the digging.
Dig Dug REMIX offers players 256 levels of the original arcade game and a REMIX version packed with features like boss battles and exciting power-up items.
Additionally, Dig This' Guest Service Manager, Emily Powell, was recently honored by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority for her dedication to outstanding customer service.
Namco Networks, a leading publisher and developer of interactive entertainment for mass-market casual gamers, and J2Play, today announced the availability of NAMCO ALL-STARS: PAC-MAN(TM)and NAMCO ALL-STARS: DIG DUG(TM) on Facebook Platform.
Mumm's Dig This has been profiled twice by ENR; first in August 2008, when the company debuted it;s pilot program in Steamboat Springs, CO; and most recently in May 2011, when operations launched in Las Vegas, NV.
DIG Naeem Ahmed Sheikh awaiting posting was appointed as DIG Headquarters, CPO Sindh, Karachi and DIG Finance CPO Sindh.
Former Traffic DIG Dr Ameer Shaikh who has recently promoted to Additional IG is a strong candidate for the post of Additional IG Karachi in replacement of Additional IG Karachi Mushtaq Maher.
Similarly, Karachi Range Administration DIG Dr Ghulam Sarwar Jamali and Sindh Reserve Police DIG Muhammad Naeem Akram Bharoka, a BS-20 officer, were transferred and directed to report to CPO with immediate effect and until further orders.
com)-- Dig This[R], America's first heavy equipment playground, has added two skid steer track loaders and two 5.
Additional IGP Karachi shall act as Chairman of the board where as DIG West Zone, DIG South Zone, DIG East Zone, DIG Administration Karachi Police will be the members of the said board.