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diffuse (something) through (something)

To scatter or spread through a particular place or thing. Is there something I can use to diffuse the sunlight through this area for the photo? A second air conditioner should help to diffuse cold air throughout the entire house.
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diffuse something through something (else)

to distribute or scatter something through something else. The chemical process diffused the purple color through the liquid. Let us try to diffuse the medication through the bloodstream as rapidly as possible.
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diffuse through something

to spread or scatter through something. The smell diffused through the office through the ventilating system. The dye diffused through the water rapidly.
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A "peace and calming" blend consisting of 30 parts lavender, 20 parts Roman chamomile, 10 parts tangerine and 5 parts cistus, is said to be especially effective for reducing stress and is a favorite for diffusing overnight.
Interactions among the reacting chemicals and the diffusing reaction products created well-defined regions of low acidity.
As surreal as his paintings, periscope-like skylights project through the star-shaped sheet of water diffusing light into the space beneath.
That mismatch is a strong anatomical indication that substance P generally acts by diffusing away from its site of release.
This imbalance, says Russell, shows that polymers had to wriggle from one side to the other by moving their front ends first, then their middles, then their back ends, rather than by diffusing randomly.