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diffuse (something) through (something)

To scatter or spread through a particular place or thing. Is there something I can use to diffuse the sunlight through this area for the photo? A second air conditioner should help to diffuse cold air throughout the entire house.
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diffuse something through something (else)

to distribute or scatter something through something else. The chemical process diffused the purple color through the liquid. Let us try to diffuse the medication through the bloodstream as rapidly as possible.
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diffuse through something

to spread or scatter through something. The smell diffused through the office through the ventilating system. The dye diffused through the water rapidly.
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The model predicts that the intensity of the diffused light will be constant for any viewer angle, and that undiffused light will reflect light more intensely in some areas when viewed at certain angles.
The difference between undiffused and diffused light on stainless steel does not end with how the light reflects off the steel.
Chuang, "Light extraction enhancement of GaN-based flip-chip light-emitting diodes using diffused nanorod reflector," Applied Physics Express, vol.
Such a substance, the theory goes, would form a chemical gradient as it diffused from its source--just as a brightly colored dye, when added to water, would become diluted as it began to spread.
KARACHI, June 30, 2010 (Frontier Star): A terror bid has been foiled as the bomb disposal squads have diffused bomb near Security printing press, Karachi airport on Wednesday.
Throughout, in habitual fashion, Silvestrin allows soft light, diffused through white fabric stretched over the grand windows, to enhance the beauty of adamantine surfaces.
It diffused softly through Japanese shoji screens and was veiled by intricately carved mashrabiyyas, casting arabesque shadows on walls and floors.
Vermeer's remarkable paintings, made in his studio facing the market square in Delft, capture a gentle luminance diffused through windows, shutters, curtains and draperies.
Police called bomb disposal squad and they in time diffused bomb and saved bridge from colossal destruction.
During the evenings, light is diffused out through the slats, with equally arresting results.
A vertical dimension has been added by restoring old rooflights and adding another (the building has very few windows), with daylight cleverly diffused through the interior.
As well as through skylights, daylight is diffused through windows set at floor level giving oblique glimpses of water and greenery, and through great screens of translucent alabaster which simultaneously recall the luminous translucency of Byzantine churches of the Mediterranean.
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