differ from (someone or something)

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differ from (someone or something)

To be unlike someone or something. Can you explain how this car differs from that one? This proposal barely differs from the original one at all!
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differ from something

[for something] to be different from something else. No, this one differs from the one you saw because it has a bigger handle. How does this one differ from that one?
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differ from

To have qualities that are not the same as those of something else: My results differed from the results of everyone else who conducted the experiment. Sopranos differ from altos in having higher voices.
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You have to figure out what inspires or triggers you, which differs from one songwriter to another.
The views on the change factor differs from one society to another.
However, belief in women's political rights and empowerment differs from one person to another," the Kuwaiti MP argued.
For each KK, the area of specialisation differs from one place to another.
The alms, mandatory for each and every family member -- male or female, old or young, and even domestic helper -- differs from one year to another as per costs of living.
Reda added that 80% of the hotels' accruals belong to the National Bank of Egypt, followed by Banque Misr, but declined to reveal the amount of money involved, saying it differs from one hotel to the other.
Melaibari said the cost of building and operating nuclear plant differs from one country to another, depending on the technology they adopt, infrastructure facilities in place and the availability of cheap manpower.
The size and decoration differs from one dagger to the other depending on the type of dagger.
It finds that the importance of PRO teams differs from one company to the next based on therapeutic area and the length of time that the product has been on the market.
London, Sept 6 (ANI): A new study has revealed that the effect of radiation therapy to treat cancer differs from one individual to another.
The situation differs from one region to another, depending on people's loyalty to the ruling power, they said.
Authors consider whether or not globalization affects language in the same way and at the same rate in different African countries and how the experience of language change differs from one location to another.
A proper diagnosis is essential as the treatment differs from one disease to another.
Corporate governance, as a framework created from different historical, political and cultural events, differs from one part of the world to another.
Dr Darren Monckton of Glasgow University's Molecular Genetics Department said: 'Only one per cent of DNA differs from one individual to another.