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This article raises the possibility of and the need for the development of an approach to the characters in the Hebrew Bible based on a humanist hermeneutic that allows specialness without deviance and differentness without worthlessness.
The social isolation gifted individuals may feel because of their differentness can be harmful to their well-being.
Without it, no understanding of differentness is possible.
Because the conational group may protect the IS against isolation and be needed as support, as a relief from the differentness of U.
Development opportunity is understood in the setting of the transition from personal relationship-based connections to flexible networking, customers' differentness by fibre, by market and building up of a better and industry-like supply chain, which nevertheless still contain elements of trust (typical of personal relationships) through e.
Tenders are invited for Sinking of 4(four) nos 100 x40 mm dia India Mark-ii Hand Pump fitted Tube-Well 110 mtr Depth in Differentness Polling Station in The Dist.
Biculturalism, differentness, loneliness, and alienation in Hispanic college students.
ferventiv ani i-Nazi "weakling" empowered by America to act with strength (Captain America); the man imprisoned by his differentness, who strikes fear and revulsion in ol hers (The 'Thing); the urban "nerd" (Spiderman) or rational scientist (NIL Fantastic); even an entire persecuted minority offering different respcmses to cope with i heir perseciition (N-men and The Brotherhood of ii Mutants).
Only the degenerate Chang can truly know what occupies his mind, but it was surely filled with differentness as he indulged in "improper relations with several women and was wined and dined at [sic[ back parlours of deluxe restaurants".
According to Massad (2007), "Words for homo/heterosexuality were invented recently as direct translations of the Latin original: yMithliyyah' or sameness in reference to homosexuality and yghayriyyah' or differentness in reference to heterosexuality" (p.
And maybe not just Chinatown, but any place where you feel you are benefitting from its differentness.
Consumers' need for uniqueness is defined as an individual's pursuit of differentness relative to others that is achieved through the acquisition, utilization, and disposition of consumer goods for the purpose of developing and enhancing one's personal and social identity (TIAN, BEARDEN, and HUNTER, 2001).
When there is no functional equivalent to the digital activity, technological neutrality can still negate the legal consequences of Internet differentness, as the Bell case did with the aggregate-use perspective of online music previewing.
giving them what they deserve based on their behavior and differentness.
This research also supports the argument that stigma effects are reinforced by the unequal power dynamics within society; as Link and Phelan (2001: 367) write, the impact of stigma is 'contingent on access to social, economic and political power that allows the identification of differentness, the construction of stereotypes, the separation of labelled persons and discrimination'.