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Obama's 'differentness' also played out in right-wing propaganda that 'Obama is a Muslim' or 'Obama's not American, he's Kenyan': and therefore not a legitimate president.
Obama's "differentness" also played out in right-wing propaganda that "Obama is a Muslim" or "Obama's not American, he's Kenyan" -- and therefore not a legitimate president.
The Court in Miller also clarified that the differentness at issue was the juvenile character of the offender.
Alterity functions as a relational dimension of spirituality in patterns that dictate the way individuals relate to the "differentness" of others, particularly related to spiritual and religious differences (Sandage, Paine, & Morgan, in press).
Recent scholarly biblical literature has considered physical differentness from a disability perspective.
Even in paroxysmically intensified Nazi racism, the moment of the cultural (i.o.u.) differentness of the Jews and other discriminated minorities was always present (...).When the Nazis set out to define who was a Jew at all, they took as a basis a cultural (i.o.u.) trait, which was designated by the religious affinity in the third generation (...).
Although peer support (Resnick, Armstrong, Sperrazza, Harkness, & Rosenheck, 2004; Resnick & Rosenheck, 2015) is known to be beneficial for veterans because it allows for interaction with others with similar conditions (Corrigan, 2005) and tends to normalize feelings of differentness, it also allows veterans to empathize with one another and to share similar concerns (Aboud & Mendelson, 1996).
In recent times, the primarily ethically related theme of literature as a space of the Other, of otherness and differentness has been tackled by a great many theorists, from Bahtin, Camus, Iser, Derrida, Blancot and Levinas to Nussbaum and various critics of multiculturalism.
Secret key is disturbed by every order and pixel value of plaintext; thus slight change of plaintext can bring vast differentness in encrypted image.
Stigma is an attribute that is deeply discrediting, an undesired differentness and something that reduces the bearer from a whole and normal person to a tainted and discounted one (Goffman, 1963).
The concept of outsider has defining attributes including differentness, unfamiliarity, and disconnectedness involving cultures, practices, and beliefs.
That is what I love: the differentness, the uniqueness of all things and the importance of life....
[4,11] The reason for this could be the differentness in the availability and accessibility of public and private transport facilities throughout the country.
These approaches can be beneficial to us; nevertheless, it does not seem that they would bridge the differentness or variability so that transcultural reciprocity, transcultural community, and transcultural communication could be established through them.