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The difference is in the imaginations of the characters or in their inability to find the space in which to imagine one another and construct a set of values for themselves that respects the humanity and the differentness of others.
The boy (Mind Junior, or Allen) was perhaps tolerated in his differentness, perhaps humored in a casual way (though this is not shown in the poem), but this can't be a great source of confidence in "the abundance of things" as G claims it is in interpreting the poem.
One encounters in the memoir the genesis, in lived experience and reflection upon it, of characters, the problematics of immigrant and minority life, and the presence of physical and sexual differentness as a metaphor for minority separateness and the imperative of negotiation for individual and cultural space.
Certain issues are used to stoke a keen sense of Europeans' differentness from the rest of the Occident, i.
In a chapter surveying the soundscapes and speech communities of city, country, and court, Smith brings out the differentness of the early modern acoustic world from ours.
As many cliques of young people do, the members played up their differentness.
Commenting on the large amount of "image of" studies on African Americans, women, and other "marginalized" groups, Richard Dyer has noted that such studies have the "effect of reproducing the sense of oddness, differentness, exceptionality of these groups" while whiteness continues as the norm ("White" 141).
214) thought that not only does stigma result in "downward mobility" for the individual, but it also reflects a societal agreement that his or her differentness is unacceptable.
165) More generally, historians charged that neorepublicans adopted a "presentist" view of the past, ignoring "the irretrievability and differentness of the eighteenth-century world.
The characterization of the peasants' cultural differentness corresponds entirely with the Enlightenment's foe-images of savage peoples.
To the degree that it teaches the differentness of the past, criticism acts on behalf of a future.
According to Pugach and Lilly (1984), such fragmented service delivery has contributed to a "myth of differentness," which exaggerates differences among students, teaching practices, and curricula in special and general education.
By using multiple refreshing endings, we engage and entertain our target guy and celebrate mike's differentness in a way that's as unexpected and unique as the brand itself.