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differentiate (someone or something) from (someone or something)

1. To distinguish one person or thing from someone or something else. I have a very hard time differentiating the Westie from the Cairn Terrier—they just look the same to me.
2. To make multiple people or things noticeably different. We hung floral garlands to differentiate the wedding area from the reception area.
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differentiate between (someone or something)

1. To distinguish between multiple people or things. I have a very hard time differentiating between the Westie and the Cairn Terrier—they both look the same to me!
2. To make multiple people or things noticeably different. We hung floral garlands to differentiate between the wedding and reception areas.

differentiate between (someone or something and someone or something else)

1. to recognize the difference between people or things in any combination. (Usually refers to two entities.) In your painting, I cannot differentiate between the costume of the figure in front and the flowers in the background. Can't you differentiate between Billy and his brother? I can't differentiate between a donkey and a burro.
2. to establish or create the difference between people or things. Why don't you paint in some highlights to differentiate between the figure in the foreground and the flowers in the background?

differentiate (someone or something) from (someone or something else)

1. to recognize the difference between people and things; to tell the difference between people and things. How do you differentiate this one from that one? Can you differentiate Bill from Bob?
2. to make people and things different. I will differentiate this one from that one by painting this one red. The twins' mother used different-colored clothing to differentiate Bill from Bob.
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At the same time, the process of differentiating for students' needs requires the guidance of a common set of standards.
The target audience for both Differentiating Instruction: A Practical Guide to Tiered Lessons in the Elementary School (Adams & Pierce, 2006) and Strategies for Differentiating Instruction: Best Practices for the Classroom (Roberts & Inman, 2007) are preservice and in-service teachers with little background on differentiation, but even a seasoned teacher can learn new strategies from these books.
As we've become more knowledgeable in differentiating SRO and legal 1-4 family townhouses, Harlem continues its historic upswing and race to remain New York City's hot new residential neighborhood.
As further evidence for a complete separation of these two effects, in the differentiating cells, 5 [micro]M CPF exerted its adverse effects on the cholinergic phenotype without affecting DNA content or cell viability; raising the concentration to 50 [micro]M compromised cell acquisition, but then there was an even more profound effect on ChAT (20% deficit in DNA, 40% deficit in ChAT:DNA), again consistent with specificity toward expression of the cholinergic phenotype.
This focused market oriented approach can help you meet your product development and cost challenges by enhancing your grade, differentiating your products and improving your machine productivity.
However, if an organization possess proprietary technology and can use it effectively, then you have a differentiating weapon.
Differentiating Instruction in the Regular Classroom: How to Reach and Teach All Learners, Grades 3-12 presents strategies you can use to address and manage the variety of learning needs in the classroom.
If stem cell lines can grow as little balls simply by being given nutrients but not differentiating signals, why not just one cell line, grown and partitioned by the government into as many vials as needed?
To generate a line, scientists extract a sample of stem cells from a living source, then store the cells in a nutrient-rich environment that keeps them from differentiating. Cells then "expand" or multiply in vitro (in a petri dish) to form a cluster of millions of stem cells.
Market share will be obtained by differentiating services based on quality, access, service, and consumer satisfaction.
In a manner that strongly resembles ancient ithyphallic figures, each incorporates its own base, even as the base and the urn that accompanies it - a decisive differentiating factor that functions as a signifying attribute - are theatrically mounted on a steel platform with a high wooden pedestal.
Nursing has been differentiating roles for decades, but only during the past 15 years has the concept of differentiated nursing practice become visible.
Arguing that students need literacy skills to learn in any discipline, Gregory, a consultant who specializes in brain-compatible learning and differentiated instruction and assessment and has been a teacher, curriculum coordinator, and staff development director, and Burkman, who has been a principal, librarian, teacher, and university professor, offer middle and high school educators, reading specialists, curriculum developers, and instructional leaders a handbook for differentiating literacy instruction for English language learners at different stages of competency.
Importantly, requisite to supporting teachers' diverse needs and interests was differentiating the content, process, and expected outcomes of this professional learning initiative.
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