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Advocates of differentiated instruction contend that reactive teaching is not differentiated instruction (Tomlinson et al.
What are the implications for gifted education and the design and implementation of a differentiated curriculum when it shares common features with the basic or regular curriculum developed for general education?
The fourth component of the CIRCLE MAP, differentiated assessment, is the focal point of Chapter 5.
Moderately differentiated neuroendocrine carcinoma (atypical carcinoid) of the larynx: A clinically aggressive tumor.
OP treatment accelerated gonadal differentiation in both females and males such that each differentiated at earlier developmental stages.
Engineered this way or simply taken from a tissue, differentiated cells from therapeutic clones should not be rejected by the immune system when they are used to treat the donor's own illness; instead, they have the better chance to become a new form of medicine, a tissue replacement treatment designed solely for the one person who donates the nucleus.
Now they suspect that the sources of these "missing" stem cells are actually differentiated cells that retain the ability to revert back to a less differentiated state as necessary.
Within each category, tumors were graded into well differentiated and poorly differentiated, depending on the cytologic and/or architectural features.
Differentiated nursing practice is a phrase used to describe the sorting of roles, functions, and work of registered nurses according to some identified criteria, commonly education, clinical experience, and competence (Boston, 1990).
He received funding to develop a strategy for deriving stem cells from differentiated human cells.
Analysis of participants' experiences revealed the significance of differentiated professional learning in supporting teachers' abilities to first modify their reading assessment practices, and then modify their reading instructional practices in response to their students' identified needs.
In a differentiated classroom, the teacher serves as a facilitator and collaborator; the teacher is not planning for each individual student, but rather considering the various needs and learning styles of students and planning in such a way that these needs are addressed.
It also may be the loss of the opportunity to advocate or shape and enhance colleagues' perceptions about such as differentiated curriculum needs the confrontation of ideas that flow in a discussion to underscore its value and define its meaning.
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