differentiate between

differentiate between (someone or something)

1. To distinguish between multiple people or things. I have a very hard time differentiating between the Westie and the Cairn Terrier—they both look the same to me!
2. To make multiple people or things noticeably different. We hung floral garlands to differentiate between the wedding and reception areas.
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differentiate between (someone or something and someone or something else)

1. to recognize the difference between people or things in any combination. (Usually refers to two entities.) In your painting, I cannot differentiate between the costume of the figure in front and the flowers in the background. Can't you differentiate between Billy and his brother? I can't differentiate between a donkey and a burro.
2. to establish or create the difference between people or things. Why don't you paint in some highlights to differentiate between the figure in the foreground and the flowers in the background?
See also: differentiate
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4,19,21) Moreover, surgeons generally do not differentiate between WDLs and ALTs when recommending treatment strategies.
When monthly expense reimbursement checks did not differentiate between substantiated expenses, overpayments and payments for tools, and excess amounts were not returned, the entire reimbursement was included in the employee's income.
IMC claimed it paid for the tools in installments when funds were available, but the payments did not differentiate between reimbursements and payments for the tools.
Because IMC did not differentiate between payments to N for expenses reimbursed and payments on his tools, it is difficult, if not impossible, to determine which payments covered which debts.
Unfortunately, current diagnostics are unable to differentiate between aggressive and non-aggressive prostate cancer, which leads to unnecessary invasive treatments and complications for the vast majority of prostate cancer patients that have indolent, non-aggressive cancers," said O.
The ability to differentiate between traffic classes is a next step in the management of network resources, such as bandwidth," said Becca Nitzan, network engineer, ESnet.
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