different strokes

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different strokes (for different folks)

Different people will like or do different things. My mom loves cooking, but I hate being in the kitchen—different strokes for different folks, I guess.
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different ˈstrokes (for different ˈfolks)

(American English) used to say that different people like or need different things
See also: different, stroke
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Blake is amusing himself at the billiard table in the inner hall, practising different strokes in the game, as he was accustomed to practise them when he was a guest in this house in June last.
Breastfeeding doesn't come so naturally to all mothers, different strokes for different folks; but with perseverance, it's possible,' Garcia wrote.
Workshop leader Sachin Shah has been involved in writing and teaching calligraphy for 22 years and spent the hour-long session using brush pens to help the youngsters create different strokes and characters with varying widths and angles.
Ofcom also says viewing is becoming a solo activity which, obviously, reflects different strokes for different folks.
We had some conversations with Megan through the Different Strokes charity and she said she would dedicate one of her races in the Paralympics to Alasdair.
The post Eight different strokes appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The tech allows users to communicate with their phone with different strokes, for instance a single touch could open an app; a second touch, or a longer stroke could activate an app's function like sending a message to a friend, or even send a discreet photograph.
Different Strokes North East has signed up to this year's campaign to help fund swimming sessions so stroke victims can overcome their disability.
DIFFERENT STROKES: Leeds boss Dave Hockaday (left) and Boro's Aitor Karanka L d b DIFFERENT STROKES
Different Strokes North East, which meets two times a week to participate in exercise classes that help to reduce the disabilities brought on after a stroke, has received a PS300 donation from the Galaxy Hot Chocolate Fund.
Antarctic Monkeys, as seen in Q Magazine and on MTV and Sky News, headline the stage with Teesside's very own Strokes tribute Different Strokes and the uncanny Oasis Forever also providing well-known tunes.
Descemet's stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty; different strokes.
The Different Strokes : Radio Rocks project is conducted in partnership with 4CRM (Community Radio Mackay) and involves providing students from years 6 to 12 with training in radio presenting, media writing, radio production and station management.
Schiavone is a player who keeps fighting and has all sorts of different strokes.
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