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The final chapter "The Worlding of Possibilities in a Collaborative Art Studio: Organizing Embodied Differences With Aesthetic and Dialogic Sensibilities" by Lynn M.
A P value > 0.05 (or [greater than or equal to] the a priori significance level, [alpha]) indicates 'no statistically significant difference' between groups, albeit with certain caveats (1-5).
Over the years, I've heard people, especially those involved with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, use the phrase "a difference that makes a difference." It has a catchy sound to it and the notion intrigues a lot of people who, at the very least, think of it as a neat kind of play on words.
But there are also numerous examples of differences creating synergy and harmony.
According to Cordelia Fine, we should be skeptical about reports of brain differences between the sexes.
That there are essential differences between men and women, often described as "complementary" differences, is one of new feminism's central tenets.
Certainly nature plays a significant role in explaining differences between men and women--one can hardly deny the societal implications of women's exclusive ability to bear children--but it is important that we don't abandon nurture as an avenue for progress just yet.
Group differences were once again investigated using an independent sample t-test.
"We were immediately struck by the differences in gender" Drake says.
Differences in attitudes based on gender and disability have also been reported, generally indicating that girls possess a more positive attitude toward disability than do boys (Archie & Sherrill, 1989).
If three-year differences are seen as appropriate and if most sex between young people three or more years apart is not forced, then the sexual behavior that is occurring between partners with a smaller age gap is even more likely to be consensual.
We now are ready to see if the differences for minority students are different from the differences for majority students.
A regional analysis uncovered a few more differences specific to a camp's location.
This dual arrangement certainly creates some unique challenges but also increases the need to seek convergence to avoid creating unnecessary differences. In the government area, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) also establishes rules through the "Yellow Book."
Although the definitions varied in crucial respects, they all had in common the key notion of differences in health status across population groups, whether defined by race or ethnicity, gender, social class, geographic location, or sexual orientation.