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Chapter 1, "Knowing Work Through the Communication of Difference: A Revised Agenda for Difference Studies" by Karen Lee Ashcraft begins with an alternative conceptualization of difference.
The null hypothesis invariably applies to a particular magnitude of difference (equal to the minimum difference of interest used in the power/sample size calculation).
As a term, difference also qualifies as one of the important multiordinai terms that Korzybski talked about.
Neuroscientists who do the research know that one study with 20-odd participants that finds some small region of difference between males and females is not the final word on the issue, but these often subtle, questionable differences are readily seized on by popular writers, Fine said.
McGlone, working with Joshua Aronson of New York University, set out to test whether the gender difference in spatial reasoning can be eliminated or reduced.
The difference between tutored and tutorless groups is in who learns and applies the procedures.
One final significant ethnic difference was the Hispanic students believed the girl wheelchair user had fewer friends than the non-disabled girl [chi square] (3, n = 21) = 10.
When relationships between younger and older partners involve sexual intercourse, it is commonly assumed that these are between partners with large age differences and, consequently, large differences in power.
Second, we divide that difference by 12, yielding the "points per month" growth during sixth grade.
Folks in the field thought we might see a difference in enrollment information when day and resident camps were compared.
Relative risks of mortality were expressed per mean difference in fine particle concentrations, comparing the cleanest with the dirtiest cities in each cohort (24.
1) According to Robert Adams, the IRS's Senior Industry Advisor for the Large and Midsized Business Division, "it is estimated that the M-3 should reveal between 75 to 90 percent of the book-tax difference for most companies.
The technician says that one side of the filter paper used for the MB test is smoother than the other and claims that there is a difference in the test results between the "top" or "bottom" side of the filter paper.
Moreover, Indians, not just Europeans, encouraged the perception that there was a fundamental difference between Indians and Europeans because one group monopolized speaking, while the other monopolized writing.
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