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Under these circumstances the finding is typically reported as 'no statistical significant difference'.
As a term, difference also qualifies as one of the important multiordinai terms that Korzybski talked about.
In this book, 5 have critiqued Managing Diversity as an approach to dealing with difference whose day has passed.
Making small changes for the better really does make a difference; I've seen first hand the positive impact it can have on people's lives.
As a result, substantial behavioural evidence of gender similarity, or the sensitivity of gender differences to context, can be overshadowed by a single finding of a sex difference in the brain.
where a group has made a real difference to cultural activity
"My generation grew up in a culture that was saturated with feminism all the way down to Sesame Street, accepting the ideals of no difference between the sexes," says Bean, a mother of eight living in Center Harbor, New Hampshire.
Studies have shown that psychology professors, when sent identical vitas of tenure applicants with the only difference being the gender of the name attached, rated average female applicants more poorly than average male applicants.
Again, group differences were investigated using an independent sample t-test.
Back in 1968, George Wallace ran for president as a third-party candidate claiming there was not a dime's worth of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats.
As such, it is not surprising for our results to show that the majority of students when analyzed by age, ethnicity and gender difference believed the girl in the wheelchair would likely work, marry, have a family, and attend college.
One focus of the Marin study is the issue of age difference in the seventh-grade relationship; the researchers considered a two-year difference the criterion for same-age versus older boyfriends or girlfriends, hypothesizing that at the middle school level, even a small age difference could be important.
With advances in both conceptualization and computer software, we have come a very long way from the days in which we simply looked at change as the difference between posttest and pretest.