differ in

differ in (something)

To have specific differences from someone or something else. I can tell the twins apart—they differ in that Jim has a birthmark on his cheek. This recipe differs from that one because it doesn't require eggs.
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differ in something

[for people or things] to be different in a specific way or in specific ways. They differ only in the color of their eyes and the size of their shoes. They differ in size and shape.
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References in classic literature ?
Domestic races of the same species, also, often have a somewhat monstrous character; by which I mean, that, although differing from each other, and from the other species of the same genus, in several trifling respects, they often differ in an extreme degree in some one part, both when compared one with another, and more especially when compared with all the species in nature to which they are nearest allied.
It also points out how road rules differ in various countries.
The Sensenbrenner-Gekas and Brownback-Kennedy proposals differ in some significant respects.
These professional liability policies differ in detail depending upon the company which issues them and are generally called malpractice insurance when issued to members of the healing profession where the exposure is largely bodily injury and errors-and-omissions insurance where the risk is primarily that of damage to intangible property such as coverage for attorneys, insurance agents, and architects.
His dismissive and often cruel remarks give sanction to supporters, many of whom proudly call themselves Christian, to vent their own secret prejudices and disdain of Americans who differ in creed, political views, and cultural background.