differ from (someone or something)

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differ from (someone or something)

To be unlike someone or something. Can you explain how this car differs from that one? This proposal barely differs from the original one at all!
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differ from something

[for something] to be different from something else. No, this one differs from the one you saw because it has a bigger handle. How does this one differ from that one?
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differ from

To have qualities that are not the same as those of something else: My results differed from the results of everyone else who conducted the experiment. Sopranos differ from altos in having higher voices.
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Habituated to such convenient and normal ways of linking ourselves with the divine, we are quick to pounce on others whose expressions of faith differ from us.
Why do some among us want to create an atmosphere of hate towards the man next door, towards the people in our neighbouring country, towards those who differ from us in their opinion or ideology or religious belief?
Though Hollywood loves to perpetuate the idea that we are romantically attracted to people who differ from us, in practice, this is not the case.
its cause by the same means we judge and we shall in no (way) entertain feelings of censoriousness toward those who may differ from us in opinions as to the prime cause of this disturbance.
These generations will differ from us in size, shape and travelling behaviours and expectations.
and those used by many European carriers differ from US operators', against
to point to others who practise their Catholic faith in ways that differ from us and say 'You do not belong to Christ's Church:"
Politicians may be an odd sub-species, but anyone who expects them to differ from us in that respect is in cloud cuckoo land.
American Jews will feel betrayed and the Washington could be accused of hypocrisy--how did the Mabhouh assassination differ from US actions in Afghanistan or Iraq?
To preserve our way of life in the face of such a challenge we in the West need to restrain our one-sided emphasis on individual interest and our tendency to assume that other people do not differ from us in any way that matters.
Where they differ from us is that they rely more on individuals than the overall team pattern.
He said: "Where they differ from us is that they rely more on individuals than the overall team pattern.
Asked by a French reporter how he would differ from US President George W.
We should also think again about the aspects of our own lives we must change to promote greater acceptance, tolerance and welcome of people who differ from us in faith, ethnic background and cultural heritage.