differ about

differ about (something)

1. To disagree about something. I'm sorry, but we just differ about that analysis—I don't see how you can interpret the text that way.
2. To argue or debate about something. If you two are going to differ about your interpretations of the text, can you at least take it outside?
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differ (with someone) about something

 and differ (with someone) on something 
1. [for someone] to disagree with someone about something. I must differ with you about that. We differ about that. I don't differ with you on that point.
2. [for someone] to argue with someone about something. Tom was differing with Terry rather loudly about which one of them was going to carry the flag. Let's stop differing with each other on these simple things!
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Opinions differ about the ability of the DNA data to illuminate Neandertal evolution and human origins.