die of

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die of (something)

To die as a result of something. This phrase can be used literally or figuratively. Is it true that Mr. Thomas died of lung cancer? When my girlfriend dumped me, I thought I would die of a broken heart.
See also: die, of

die of something

 and die from something
to perish from an injury or a particular disease. The doctors did all they could, but he finally died of cancer. What did it die from?
See also: die, of
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You won't die from this - you're more liable to die from something else.
There was a suggestion that women who switched to aromatase inhibitors after starting on tamoxifen were less likely to die from something other than breast cancer than those who started treatment with the medicines.
What if, like so many mums I met in India, I had to watch my child die from something I knew could be cured?
Russell Simmons, HSAN Chairman, emphasized, "Millions of people every year die from something that is preventable and containable.