die for (someone or something)

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die for (someone or something)

1. To die in order to save or help someone else. I would die for my wife if it would save her from danger.
2. To die for a particular cause or thing. How devoted are you to your religious beliefs? Are you willing to die for them?
3. To desire or long for someone or something in particular. Always used in the continuous tense. I'm just dying for a nap—I can hardly keep my eyes open.
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die for someone or something

1. Lit. to perish for the benefit or glory of someone or something. He said he was willing to die for his country. She would die for her child if necessary.
2. Fig. to experience great physical or emotional desire for someone or something. He was just dying for Jane, but she would have nothing to do with him. Freddie was dying for a glass of water—he was so thirsty.
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die for

Also, be dying for. Long for, desire excessively, as in I'm dying for some ice cream. This hyperbolic usage dates from the late 1500s. Also see die to.
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References in classic literature ?
And if God so loveth us, that He gave His only begotten Son to die for us, we ought also to love one another.
He saw that entrusting ourselves to God, who loved us enough to die for us, gives us reason to comfort, forgive, inspire, and lovingly challenge one another (1 Thess.
'It is amazing that as little as man is, God loved us enough to send his son to die for us so that we will be qualified for His great amazing grace,' Ipha said of Easter and the inspiration of her song.
Only a God who loves and values us would die for us. If that is not the central point of our belief system life we will never have a firm foundation.
I had to work out who is going to be good enough on the field, and who is going to be ready to roll their sleeves up and die for us in this cause because we're not doing too well.
When they get on about defence they are really saying send your young people to fight and die for us. That is all I have to say on this emotive subject.
One needs neither to be a Christian nor a monarchist to do this - these occasions are about recognising those willing to die for us to live in peace and security and it is a disgrace to the memory of the fallen from all parts of Britain what Plaid Cymru has allowed.
"It's do or die for us over the next four games now," admitted Ospreys coach Steve Tandy.
"It's not do or die for us though, not at all, but we do understand the need of getting a win under our belts to give us a bit more breathing space, and in many ways take some of the pressure off."
So it's good to remind ourselves that the only reason Jesus was born at Christmas was to die for us at Easter.
TV star Joanna said: "The whole country wants to end this nonsense - this stain on Britain whereby we are effectively telling Gurkhas, 'You can die for us, but you can't live with us'."
"Like other services which fight and die for us, the police also die for us and it is absolutely right that the landscape of Northumberland should change just a little bit to accommodate this memorial to the bravery and sacrifice of Joe Carroll.
Jesus might have been weak, but to me, he was a strong man, and he loved us enough to die for us. Acacia really gets us thinking that we need to sit down, take a time out, and remember what God and Jesus has done for us.
By accepting to be equal to us and to die for us, Christ shows us the only solution: the acceptance of suffering and sacrifice for love of others.
"It was do or die for us and West Brom - for different reasons.