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cut a dido

To play a mischievous trick. The name possibly refers to Queen Dido, founder of Carthage, who asked the natives for as much land as could be covered by a bull's hide. She then cut the hide into thin strips to gain more land. Billy cut a dido today when he pulled my chair out from under me when I went to sit down.
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cut didoes

perform mischievous tricks or deeds. North American informal
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phr. dreck in, dreck out; garbage in, garbage out. (see also GIGO.) Look at this stuff that the printer put out. What is it? Oh, well. DIDO.
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"We are excited to have Dido add Dubai to the tour.
On a reinterpretation of the original work of Purcell, a group of young people find themselves telling each other, in a circle, their own personal stories, where every one of them represents one of the main characters of the work: Dido, Aeneas, Belinda, Mercury, the witches, the comrades of Aeneas.
In Aeneas' first encounter with Dido, she is in full regal splendour, '[passing] amid them with joy', '[eager] to help on the work of her fast-growing realm' and ruling with apparent grace and intelligence (1.503-504).
Lord Mansfield's wife (Emily Watson) is opposed to the plan but he permits Dido to stay, allowing his great-niece to become a constant companion to her cousin, Elizabeth (Cara Jenkins).
Dido and Aeneas, choreographed by Mark Morris in 1989 to the Purcell opera of 1689, takes place in an entirely self-contained world--except for the golden light designer James F.
The median duration of time from arrival to discharge at the first hospital (door-in to door-out [DIDO] time) was 68 minutes." HealthDay reported, "Only 1,627 of the patients (11 percent) had a DIDO time of 30 minutes or less, while 56 percent had a DIDO time of more than 60 minutes and 35 percent had a DIDO time of more than 90 minutes."
INTERNATIONAL pop diva Dido and Bollywood's Oscar- winning maestro A.
UP-AND-COMING trainer Lawney Hill was overjoyed last week to receive a telephone call out of the blue from Cheltenham Gold Cup-winning owner Dido Harding, asking whether she would be prepared to take on a horse for her.
With Anastasia Hille (Dido), Mark Bonnar (Aeneas), Siobhan Redmond (Venus), Susan Engel (Juno, Nurse), Stephen Kennedy (Achates), Obi Abili (Iarbus), Siam Brooke (Anna), Alan David (Jupiter, Lioneus), Kyle McPhail (Mercury, Hermes), Ryan Sampson (Gaynmede, Sergestus), Garry Carr (Cloanthus), Jake Arditti (Singer, Lord), Ceallach Spellman/Theo Stevenson (Cupid), and Freddie Hill/Thomas Patten (Ascanius).