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cut a dido

To play a mischievous trick. The name possibly refers to Queen Dido, founder of Carthage, who asked the natives for as much land as could be covered by a bull's hide. She then cut the hide into thin strips to gain more land. Billy cut a dido today when he pulled my chair out from under me when I went to sit down.
See also: cut, dido

cut didoes

perform mischievous tricks or deeds. North American informal
See also: cut, dido


phr. dreck in, dreck out; garbage in, garbage out. (see also GIGO.) Look at this stuff that the printer put out. What is it? Oh, well. DIDO.
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En el caso de Dido, el proposito de esta prueba retorica es suscitar la compasion en Eneas.
Rahman on something else at his studio and he asked me if I'd like to collaborate on this song, for his soundtrack of 127 Hours ," Dido says.
Se trata de un pasaje breve, pero que dara pie inmediatamente a la introduccion de Dido, que surge de los comentarios de Ercilla acerca de la fidelidad de las araucanas, tan loable como el firme amor de la reina de Cartago por su fallecido esposo (21), cuestionado por uno de sus companeros de armas:
By contrast, the ragged Aeneas was naturally inclined towards the domestic, ready to fall in love with Dido and make a home in Carthage.
Names for the queen varied considerably but might be Calpurnia, Medea, or Dido, legendary women of wealth and position.
Bereniece Jones, who sang a regal Dido, had a strong vibrato in her lower and middle registers, especially as each note faded, but her voice opened to a lustrous sound in her upper range.
Through sexy whispers and strained falsetto, Dido displays a voice that could easily lure an unsuspecting lover into bed (but, in turn, make it hard to get him out).
Christopher Marlowe's Dido, Queene of Carthage is an obscure, early work that no one seems to pay much attention to except Marlowe scholars, who prefer to occasionally study what makes Marlowe's first attempt at writing for the stage a very bad play, a reputation it thoroughly deserves.
Mark Morris' Dido and Aeneas looms as one of his towering works, perhaps the apotheosis of his profound partnering with Baroque vocal music.
3) It has already been suggested that Virgil's version of the Dido story in the Aeneid inspired the episode of the so-called "African mistress" (Cleary and Sherwood 185-86; Lothe 177-96, Firchow 25).
Home-grown acts Coldplay and Dido came in second and third too.
DIDO ELIZABETH BELLE (or Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay, as she is sometimes known) was the illegitimate daughter of an aristocratic English naval captain, later admiral, Sir John Lindsay (1737-88).
95) provides fans of Wolves Of Willoughby Chase characters with an exciting new Dido Twite story.
DEMURE singer Dido has a new passion - enjoying lots of hot, steamy lovemaking.