not sit well (with one)

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not sit well (with one)

To not be agreeable to one's values or sensibilities. The idea that some children have to go hungry in this country just doesn't sit well with me. Some aspects of my proposal didn't sit well with them, but I assured them that things could be changed to accommodate their preferences.
See also: not, sit, well

sit well with someone

to be acceptable to someone. Your explanation of your absence doesn't sit well with the president. The whole affair didn't sit well with the manager.
See also: sit, well

sit well with

Please, fit or suit, be acceptable to, as in I don't think that explanation sits well with the headmaster, or His sense of humor does not sit well with this elderly audience. [Early 1700s]
See also: sit, well
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Well, that didn't sit well with me, being my father's son, so I turned it up a notch by calling into question his commitment to Jesus' message of love and reconciliation and forgiveness.
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