not feel (oneself)

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not feel (oneself)

To not feel physically or mentally well; to not feel as one normally should. I'm sorry for getting upset at you earlier. I just don't feel myself today. I know Mary hasn't felt herself ever since her cousin died.
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not feeling oneself

 and not feel like oneself
Fig. to feel upset, troubled, or disturbed in some way. I'm sorry I said what I said. I'm not feeling myself today.
See also: feeling, not
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not feel yourˈself

not feel as healthy, happy, etc. as you usually feel: I don’t feel myself this morning; I think I’ll stay at home.
See also: feel, not
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References in classic literature ?
What would the relief be to my feelings--as a fellow-man--if I wasn't the slave of truth, and didn't feel myself compelled to answer, Everything!'
"I just didn't feel myself. My hands and my feet would just go shockingly white," he added.
"The lead up to that day I didn't feel myself at all.
I couldn't get many serves in and I didn't feel myself out there.
He recalled: "I didn't feel myself. I felt very dizzy.
but I honestly didn't feel myself in that major even though I worked for five years as a Web designer," said Braidy, now in her final year.
"I thought I went off at a decent pace but I had nothing coming off the bend and didn't feel myself in the home straight.
I didn't feel myself and it's all down to fatigue." Smith had to settle for silver after he was beaten 11-6 by Ireland's Paddy Gallagher, falling short of emulating his brother Stephen who won gold at featherweight four years ago.
"I was just coming back from injury and I was stiff and didn't feel myself.
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