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You did some searching across health and psychology databases and found at least six high-quality systematic reviews that address the question of the effectiveness of bibliotherapy programs for a wide variety of conditions.
As did their forebears, many of them insist on introducing their stuff into the art context (there are few other places for it to go), where, too frequently, it is dismissed (not incorrectly) as inferior art when it might be celebrated instead as superior comedy.
Most of the time I would get up and work in the morning or the afternoon, even though I did work at night a lot too, but on this particular night, I don't know.
I went to a physical therapist who did a bunch of things that didn't really help," she said.
I did not know that if we do not meet certain religious criteria set by Robertson that my entire family and I are going straight to hell with no plea bargaining.
Most clients who are in this predicament have done one or more of the following things: (a) signed whatever contract the contractor gave them; (b) never consulted an attorney for advice about the project or the contract; (c) paid the contractor whatever he asked for, even if it was more and different from the provisions in the contract; (d) had an architect or engineer draw up the plans, but did not use him or her to observe the progress of the work because they were saving money; and (e) let the project go for months beyond the agreed upon completion date without getting any legal advice.
Did that for like a week and took him to Bob's house where he'd built the MegaRamp.
In retrospect, I was far more productive working for them than I was working for the boss that questioned everything I did and didn't do.
Miniter never says that Clinton did nothing to stop bin Laden, only that he could have and should have done more, done it earlier, and done it more forcefully, in other words, he should have gone for the big inning instead of bunting, or thrown the ball on third-and-one instead of rushing, or done any of the sorts of things recommended by the second-guessers who routinely call sports-talk programs after the game is played.
I love what William did. He's not afraid to make a fool out of himself.
What I did with each volume of The Divine Hours is refashion the breviary into a manual that I hope is more accessible for contemporary usage.