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ya Salaam: I think the music was so strong that there was no way around it, and if we did nothing else, we used music to a much higher degree in our work than other people did.
What Big Daddy did was to have all of us present actually walk through your scripts, instead of just reading them as a piece of literature.
In fact, we did a tour of Mississippi which was unforgettable, and we went to two or three towns in Texas.
The theme was the hair, but we did it all in different ways.
As far as theater was concerned, anything New Lafayette or the Negro Ensemble Company did received an attention which dwarfed anything we did.
Microsoft did not fail to take note and recently announced that not only is DOS not dead, but a new version of DOS is being developed--DOS 7.
SAM DONALDSON: Folks, she did the remake of Psycho.
Right after she did Psycho, which I was very upset by, I just hated seeing that, our dog got sprayed by a skunk in the country.
Tonight will answer if the Panthers (20-5) did their homework, not only about how to beat Dos Pueblos but if they will play better.
All that did was encourage dos Remedios to take the program to the verge of the Foothill League championship with just 26 players.