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dictated but not read

Copied into text through dictation but not written or proofread by the author. (Sometimes shortened to "dictated, not read.") Used as a warning that said text requires extra attention, as it may not read exactly as intended by the author. It always aggravates me to receive a letter marked as "dictated but not read"—if a person wants to write something to me, the least they could do is check it beforehand to make sure it's correct!
See also: but, dictate, not, read

dictate to (one)

1. To speak to one who will reproduce the message in a written document. In this usage, "dictate to" is a set phrase. I just finished dictating that memo to my secretary, and she is typing it up right now.
2. To exert control over someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "dictate" and "to." Don't try to dictate the terms of this contract to me! I have a say in it too, you know.
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dictate (something) to someone

1. to speak out words to someone who writes them down; to speak words into a recording device to be written down later by someone. Walter dictated a letter to his secretary. Please come in so I can dictate to you.
2. to lay out or spell out the exact terms of something to someone; to act as a dictator. You can't dictate the rules to us. Please don't dictate to me.
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dictate to

1. To say or read something aloud to someone, especially for it to be written down or notated: The executive dictated the letter to the secretary.
2. To issue orders or commands to someone: The manager dictated the new company policy to the staff.
See also: dictate
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10), Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac streamlines documentation workflow by allowing clinicians to dictate appointment and clinical notes directly into Mac-based electronic health records (EHRs), such as MacPractice, and also use their voice while working within popular web, email and desktop applications such as Microsoft Office or Gmail.
Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac adapts to a clinician s voice and words over time, ensuring greater accuracy of patient details and information.
Dragon Dictate for Mac allows people to save time and to be more productive at school, work, home, or on the go with dictation speeds up to three times faster than typing, with words appearing on the screen as you speak them.
Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac also allows doctors to navigate other Mac-based applications beyond the EMR, such as email messages to other caregivers, by leveraging the fastest, most accurate medical speech recognition.
Air Dictate, which in addition to an iPhone 4S requires a Mac running Mac OS X 10.
Speech solutions provider Nuance Communications Inc (Nasdaq:NUAN) unveiled on Monday Dragon Dictate for Mac v2.
Look no further than San Francisco to see that there is an agenda to grow government dictates on employers.
After years of being beaten down by a chain of power that started with the largest automakers and retailers, a seismic shift in the supply-and-demand balance has allowed basic materials producers (steelmakers, mining companies and some paper makers among them) to dictate more favorable pricing and negotiating terms.
We use a number of coverages to exploit the package, and we allow the pressure to dictate the coverage, especially rotation.
New Module Adds "Transcription in One Button Click" to MacSpeech Dictate Legal Speech Recognition Solution for the Macintosh --
Now, MacSpeech Dictate Medical users running Snow Leopard can transcribe an audio file of a person's voice dictation into written text, with up to 99% accuracy, in a single button click.
It's best for data entry, and lets you dictate in any Windows application.
The score, inning, outs, hitter, base-runners, and on-deck hitter will dictate the way to approach each hitter.
Digital Dictate products open the doors for everyone to become the master of his or her computer.
S President Barack Obama would give a strong message to China that they cannot dictate terms to any country.