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dicker with (one)

To haggle or negotiate with one. Don't dicker with me over the price of this mirror, bub—take it or leave it!
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dicker with someone (for something)

 and dicker with someone (over something)
to bargain with someone for something; to haggle with someone for something. I don't want to stand here dickering with you for a cheap trinket. I don't want to waste time dickering with them over a few dollars.
See also: dicker
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But this time Dicker slipped and struck the kick against his left foot and David Lucas saved with his legs.
Following a separate investigation by the MFCU, Stanley and Judith Dicker, owners of nursing homes in Queens and the Hudson Valley, have agreed to repay more than $11 million, including interest, for Medicaid overpayments occurring between 1996 and 2001.