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dicker with (one)

To haggle or negotiate with one. Don't dicker with me over the price of this mirror, bub—take it or leave it!
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dicker with someone (for something)

 and dicker with someone (over something)
to bargain with someone for something; to haggle with someone for something. I don't want to stand here dickering with you for a cheap trinket. I don't want to waste time dickering with them over a few dollars.
See also: dicker
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After two tussles for the ball with his centre-forward, Gary Dicker scored one and scuffed another in an edgy win over a battling Swindon side.
With Chris Wood away on international duty and Ashley Barnes injured, Dicker fought off Francisco Sandaza to score the first penalty after a foul on the excellent Craig Noone.
Then captain Gordon Greer had to intervene after the break to give Dicker the ball again when Mark Halsey awarded Brighton another spot-kick when he adjudged Prutton to have held Murray.
Between 1996 and 2001, these inflated rates amounted to $9 million in Medicaid overpayment to the Dickers' long term home health care programs.
"When the Dickers submitted their nursing home cost reports, they noted that these were not reimbursable expenses," he says.
Following a separate investigation by the MFCU, Stanley and Judith Dicker, owners of nursing homes in Queens and the Hudson Valley, have agreed to repay more than $11 million, including interest, for Medicaid overpayments occurring between 1996 and 2001.