dicker with

dicker with (one)

To haggle or negotiate with one. Don't dicker with me over the price of this mirror, bub—take it or leave it!
See also: dicker

dicker with someone (for something)

 and dicker with someone (over something)
to bargain with someone for something; to haggle with someone for something. I don't want to stand here dickering with you for a cheap trinket. I don't want to waste time dickering with them over a few dollars.
See also: dicker
References in classic literature ?
Now, if I can put through that dicker with Caswell's six horses--say, I just got onto that horse-buyer to-day.
Paynter's strike sealed the deal but the path to security had been paved by Dicker with a rare exquisite volley from outside the box.
And though Burke is continuing to dicker with the bus engine manufacturer over warranty issues, MTA officials are planning to convert the remaining, disabled ethanol buses to run with ``clean diesel'' engines.