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dicker with (one)

To haggle or negotiate with one. Don't dicker with me over the price of this mirror, bub—take it or leave it!
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dicker with someone (for something)

 and dicker with someone (over something)
to bargain with someone for something; to haggle with someone for something. I don't want to stand here dickering with you for a cheap trinket. I don't want to waste time dickering with them over a few dollars.
See also: dicker
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ON TARGET: Swindon's David Prutton ONE BRIGHT BOY: Gary Dicker sends David Lucas the wrong way from the spot - but he missed another penalty
And Dicker, who also had a spell at Birmingham, hopes it will be a case of 'Friends Reunited' during today's FA Cup fourth round tie.
Steven Dicker said, "The scheme is locking in the payments that would be due if there were no swap and if its pensioners lived slightly longer than Credit Suisse expects them to.
Chaverim members meet once a month to plan future activities, and Dicker said there's definitely a favorite.
Worried when Mr Dicker was late, a relative of Ms Tolliday went to the scene and was told she should go to Wrexham Hospital.
To this end, Dicker presents a concise, simply worded history of American women's movements, divided into three historical and ideological stages, First Wave, Second Wave, and Third Wave Feminism, each of which is treated in a separate chapter.
PRAISE Tony Dicker is reliable and patient, says his Seaton Burn College headteacher.
Chapter 2 provides an analysis of the Transcendental Aesthetic, in which Dicker contends that neither space nor time is synthetic but at best "unobviously analytic," since we can only legitimately say what space and time are like for subjective human experience, and not that these forms have no independent reality (p.
HOLLYWOOD Chinchilla wrap from Dicker & Dicker of Beverly Hills: $3,700.
Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker, LLP, which experienced 10% growth this past year to become the New York area's 15th largest law firm, has undergone a major expansion of its Westchester office and increased its space at 3 Gannett Drive in White Plains by 18,000 square feet to 92,000 square feet.
I WOULD like to contact relatives of Sarah (Grocott)Dicker who died at 54 Cedar Street,Bootle,on November 20,1925, widow ofHenry Dicker.
Following a separate investigation by the MFCU, Stanley and Judith Dicker, owners of nursing homes in Queens and the Hudson Valley, have agreed to repay more than $11 million, including interest, for Medicaid overpayments occurring between 1996 and 2001.
It will be the court where the Saddam Husseins, Pol Pots and Augusto Pinochets of the future are held to account," Dicker proclaimed, referring to Iraq's dictator, the late Khmer Rouge butcher of Cambodia, and the former Chilean president.
The Chicago show will stick to the traditional, says Thalheim Expositions show manager Henry Dicker.