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a bit dicey

Carrying a certain degree of risk or danger; uncertain of a favorable outcome. This street looks a bit dicey—I think we should walk another way home. This merger deal could be a bit dicey for the company.
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dicey deal

A situation or agreement that carries a certain degree of risk or danger. I don't know what exactly is going on, man. It sounds like a bit of a dicey deal to me. This merger could be a bit of a dicey deal for the company.
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mod. touchy; chancy; touch and go. Things are just a little dicey right now.
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The diciest issue, how to deal with entitlements, was given a great deal of attention by Moran, who plunged right in with bold recommendations.
And as he prepared to move in at Manchester City - one of football's diciest jobs with 15 bosses in 25 years - he spoke of the year of torment that changed his life.
For most of us, investing is the diciest of enterprises.
Atop the talent show list is the channel's "Your Face Sounds Familiar", which will feature Lebanon's diciest diva Haifa Wehbe , Egypt's beloved actor Ahmad Al Sakka , and Lebanon's talented artist Tony Abu Judeh on the judging panel.
Those 10 years were the diciest part of my career, because it wasn't the beginning and it wasn't finally the thing I did that allowed me to have a career.
"That was the diciest part of the trip, I think," Mr.
Fortunately for June (and the viewer), her protector exerts a calming influence, and the film's most charming notion is that, despite June's uncertainty about whether she can trust this armed and dangerous renegade, Roy's soothing manner, disarming savoir faire and ability to talk her through even the diciest scenarios make him something of an ideal (mystery) man.
It's unclear how Sci-Fi will deal with the one-offs when they arrive, or how the kid-centric "Sarah Jane" will play on a net with a median age of 43, but then, the original show looked like a risk, too: For now, the gadabout alien seems to have made one of his diciest journeys without incident: the trip out of England.
Rodriguez proves her intense bow in last year's indie hit "Girlfight" was no fluke; she makes Salgado's coiled anger and possible insanity palpable, resisting caricature in a role that's the script's diciest contrivance.