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a bit dicey

Carrying a certain degree of risk or danger; uncertain of a favorable outcome. This street looks a bit dicey—I think we should walk another way home. This merger deal could be a bit dicey for the company.
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dicey deal

A situation or agreement that carries a certain degree of risk or danger. I don't know what exactly is going on, man. It sounds like a bit of a dicey deal to me. This merger could be a bit of a dicey deal for the company.
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mod. touchy; chancy; touch and go. Things are just a little dicey right now.
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Whitty, Dicey, Craig Adamson and Jamie Simpson deny a charge of assisting an offender.
These key concepts constitute the core of the doctrine of the rule of law enunciated by Dicey and there is no doubt that Dicey considered his concept of the rule of law as securing the very basis of individual liberty, equality and security of the person.8 Yet it is remarkable that his primary work, An Introduction to the Study of the Law and the Constitution, does not even take into consideration the ideas of the above mentioned writers on this subject matter.
Dicey et au juge Ivan Rand ainsi qu'a l'affaire Roncarelli c.
Reflecting on Emerson's maxim that 'to be great is to be misunderstood', I have long thought that Dicey must be a truly great figure because he is in a league with Karl Marx and Adam Smith when it comes to being subject to criticisms which are based on a complete lack of sympathy with his work.
But by then they were so out of date that and of little use to 18th Century travellers that Dicey's name has survived in the language today as a word for all things risky and unreliable.
But limiting the privilege puts the government in the dicey position of deciding who is and who isn't a journalist.
Knowing where your seafood comes from has always been dicey. Does that salmon hail from a stream in Alaska or was it raised on a fish farm in Chile?
My tip for the cup now looks decidedly dicey, however.
In groups and one-on-one sessions with pro driving instructors, participants navigate a course during four uniquely challenging and breathtaking exercises: wet handling (which demonstrates the ins and outs of precision braking on a wet and dicey surface), accident avoidance, timed autocross, and speed laps.
Perhaps we can learn to control or redirect our insatiable appetite for advancement as we have our use of atomic weapons (of course, even this restraint has become dicey these days).
With the $19.5 million River Rail project a few months from regular operation, parking on a stretch of President Clinton Avenue may be dicey.
Jefferson State Community College, which enrolls about 7,400 credit students, may soon confront such a dicey situation.
``The first couple of rounds are always a little bit dicey.
Of course, supply and law enforcement made regular use dicey.