dibs on

(first) dibs (on something)

slang The rights to something, or the rights to have first choice of something. "Dibs" are usually claimed verbally. I call dibs on the front seat! Hey, I had dibs on being first in line!
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dibs on something

a claim on something. I've got dibs on the yellow one! Dibs on the front seat!
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(They're called Dreyer's Dibs on the West Coast.) "Pop 'em one at a time or by the handful."
Dreyer's other promotion, supporting its new Dibs frozen novelties, offers a challenge to parents, kids and ice cream aficionados across America to capture the personality of the new product by participating in a nationwide online photo scavenger hunt, "Dibs Across America." The photo scavenger hunt includes such categories as 'Dibs at Work," "Dibs at Play," "Dibs across the U.S.A.," "Dibs in Odd Places," "Dibs at Home," "Dibs Wherever You Roam," Dibs in the Game," "Dibs on the Run", "Dibs on Wheels," and "Dibs Having Fun."