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soil (one's) diaper(s)

To defecate into the diaper one is wearing. Primarily heard in US, Canada. Uh oh, I think Tommy just soiled his diaper. I'd better go change it. I just hope I don't live so long that I end up in some nursing home soiling my diapers.
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soil one's diaper(s)

[for a baby] to excrete waste into its diaper. The baby soiled his diapers. I detect that someone has soiled his diaper.
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"Cloth diapers are impractical, especially since I use day care," one mother says.
Mathis said the organization relies on grants and community support to achieve its goal of supplying diapers to all who seek the assistance within the Lake County area served.
One of the Japanese diaper makers most affected by these new regulations was Kao Corporation, manufacturer of Merries diapers, which are made in Japan and sold in China.
Furthermore, he said diapers had chemicals that could react, block and rupture the dog's internal organs resulting in painful death.
"In 2002, we were the first major diaper manufacturer to create a diaper for premature babies globally.
The effects of diaper need lead to increased stress for parents and families on many levels, impacting their physical and mental health.
It has been estimated that within the first 6 years of life, incidence of UTI is at least 2% in boys and 7% in girls, with 2.2% of boys and 2.1% of girls having contracted a UTI before the age of 2.1 A study published in Clinical Pediatrics2 compared the frequency of diaper changes in infants with and without UTI.
To help your baby avoid the discomfort that comes with diaper rash, get in the routine of applying a cream with every diaper change, directly on baby's skin and also right on the diaper itself.
According to a study commissioned by Huggies, one in three American families struggles to afford the diapers needed to keep their baby clean, dry and healthy.
"An empiric trial of disposable diapers exclusively with aggressive barrier cream application for several weeks may eliminate the need for more invasive procedures and laboratory tests," wrote Dr.
Expert teams at Huggies were inspired to develop the diapers after hearing about the special requirements of premature babies, notes Eleonora Daireaux, vice president of Huggies North America.
He rejected a measure two weeks ago that would have reduced the price of diapers for low-income families by eliminating sales tax.
As a young family that frequently looks to your magazine for sustainable-living ideas, we wanted to share some benefits of using cloth diapers with your readers.
Although frequent diaper change is a primary means to prevention and treatment of diaper dermatitis (Adalat, Wall, & Goodyear, 2007; Borkowski, 2004; Heimall, Story, Stellar, & Davis, 2006; Nield & Kamat, 2007; Visscher, 2009), parents of the 5.7 million children under three years of age who live in poverty in the United States may struggle to provide diapers for their children (Addy & Wright, 2012).