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soil (one's) diaper(s)

To defecate into the diaper one is wearing. Primarily heard in US, Canada. Uh oh, I think Tommy just soiled his diaper. I'd better go change it. I just hope I don't live so long that I end up in some nursing home soiling my diapers.
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soil one's diaper(s)

[for a baby] to excrete waste into its diaper. The baby soiled his diapers. I detect that someone has soiled his diaper.
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With proper care, cloth diapers can last three to four years, and be used by multiple children, cloth diapering advocates say.
I hear Nicky's are better, but they also cost twice as much--the economy of diapering means a lot to me!
Diapering still faces some challenges, including eliminating allergic contact dermatitis, preventing Candida infections, and lowering the unit cost so that more people can benefit from the most recent improvements in the technology, Dr.
There were three different diapering settings: paper diapers, double cloth diapers with plastic overpants, and double diapers with clothes worn over the diapers.
Per year of diapering, the team found that disposables require about half as much energy as cloth diapers (the equivalent of about 53 gallons of gasoline), use one-quarter as much water (2,570 gallons), produce half as much air pollution (16 pounds of combustion products) and generate about one-seventh as much water pollution (3 pounds).
"After diapering babies on four different continents, I know how important it is to plan simply and only bring necessities for trips.
society will soon realize it has no choice but to change its diapering habits: Either return to washable diapers, or develop flushable and/or recyclable disposables.