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soil one's diaper(s)

[for a baby] to excrete waste into its diaper. The baby soiled his diapers. I detect that someone has soiled his diaper.
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This technology was invented by Drylock Technologies, a leading vendor in the global baby diaper market, and it is likely to generate significant revenue for the market during the forecast period.
Pampers Swaddlers diapers were also updated with Extra Absorb Channels, and now also have a new outer cover that is even softer than current Pampers Swaddlers.
For more information on The Diaper Cake Company, contact Justine Ong at diapercake@tdcc.
The growth of the network has led to greater awareness, with more people looking into diaper banks in their community and becoming more involved.
Without a diaper their stride was almost instantly much more mature--sometimes years more mature," according to the study.
Cloth diaper sales in North America have been climbing by more than 30 percent a year in the past few years, estimates the Real Diaper Industry Association, a cloth diaper trade association.
In 2000 the Mexican company Absormex created a disposable "bioactive" diaper that degraded 200 percent faster than ordinary disposables.
Another textile choice for diapers is hemp," says Susie Little, founder of What's Hempenin' Baby.
While 43 tons of disposable diapers were collected from November through August, only 10 percent was turned into recyclable material, according to the Associated Press report.
To offset the company's use of trees, MotherNature Diapers (http://www.
Here is the address of a catalog which sells diapers, diaper pants, and much more: Paul and Twila Ranck, 5001 W.
A baby crying from the discomfort of wearing a wet diaper barely held up by bulky diaper pins.
Their environmental audit considered not only the costs of diaper production, packaging and disposal or washing, but also those of products used with cloth diapers, such as pins and plastic pants.
The report includes market size estimation and forecasts for the entire period for all baby diaper product segments and sub segments.
Each diaper includes a super absorbent bamboo cloth liner with natural anti-microbial properties.