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dial back

To lessen something, especially in intensity. I could barely move my arms all week—I guess it's time to dial back the workouts!
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dial down

To lessen something, especially in intensity. I could barely move my arms all week—I guess it's time to dial down the workouts!
See also: dial, down

pocket dial

1. verb To inadvertently make a phone call by accidentally sitting or otherwise pressing on one's cell phone (typically when it is in one's pocket). A: "Do you know why grandma called me last night?" B: "Oh, I think she just pocket dialed you."
2. noun The act of making such a phone call. I was excited when Jill called me for the first time in months, but she didn't actually want to talk to me—it was just a pocket dial.
See also: dial, pocket

rotary dial

The disk on a rotary telephone that is turned to dial a phone number. I hated having to use a rotary dial as a kid—it's so much easier to dial a phone number by pressing buttons.
See also: dial

*wrong number

1. Lit. an incorrect telephone number. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; dial ~; give someone ~.) He got the wrong number and hung up. When a young child answered, I knew I had the wrong number.
2. Fig. [a state of being] incorrect, late, inaccurate, etc. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Boy, do you have the wrong number! Get with it! You have missed the boat again. You have the wrong number!
See also: number, wrong

dial up

To telephone someone or something: I dialed up my dentist and made an appointment. Would you dial your sister up and ask her what time she's coming over?
See also: dial, up
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Consistent with our strategy of offering the highest quality dial access, these new standards will provide our customers with great enhancements in functionality and performance," said NetZero's Chief Technical Officer Jerry Popek.
The dial modem market is alive and continues to grow thanks to new open standard technology advancements such as V.
1 includes the ability to dial from many third-party applications using new AppleScript and "Apple Events" dialing support.
Instead of hiring a personal assistant, let PhoneValet screen calls, lookup and dial phone numbers and maintain your phonebook.
Power Dialing: Campaign Manager determines whether the trigger event should start dials for the agent.
In the event of a failure of the primary DSL connection, the backup module or modem dials into the dial-up ISP POP (Point of Presence) and restores Internet service for everyone on the LAN.
The product, an NLM that loads on a NetWare file server, processes authentication requests from RADIUS-compliant remote access servers on the LAN or WAN whenever a user dials in.