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a dialogue of the deaf

A situation in which people share their views without actually listening or acknowledging each other. As long as those two are still in a dialogue of the deaf, we'll never reach an agreement.
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dialogue with (one)

To discuss something with someone. After dialoguing with Marie about that problem, I came up with a good solution.
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dialogue with someone

to talk with someone. I look forward to dialoguing with you tomorrow. The supervisor sets aside time to dialogue with each and every person in the department once a week.
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dialogue of the deaf

a discussion in which each party is unresponsive to what the others say.
The French equivalent dialogue des sourds is also sometimes used in English.
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This is also noted that Dialogue is necessary for mutual understanding and communication between Muslims and Christians, because the both religions have several common issues and basis for dialoged and interaction.
He ensured the religious freedom of people of the Book in MadA<<nah time to time".4 As well as according to most important statement of Imam BaidhAvA<<: "when a delegation of Christian from NajrAn came to negotiate a pact with the Prophet he courteously allowed them to pray in the Mosque (Masjid of the Holy Prophet) which lasted the whole day."5 Here a renowned scholar and dialogue expert Hassan Muhammad BAgil describes the Muslim-Christian interaction and dialogue in a way:
Last week, a dialogue between the Central Africa Republic and fourteen rebel groups bought an end to the twelve years of war with peace in Khartoum, Sudan.
Replying to a question, he termed the recent idea of Imran Khan for an APC (All-Parties-Conference) as totally useless, since an earlier such forum dialogue had been decided over the issue.
Expressing his views, JUI(S) spokesman Maulana Syed Yousaf Shah stressed on government to shun speculations in favour of practical steps for dialogue. He was not very hopeful of a non-serious government, citing the way it tasked Maulana Sami-ul-Haq to hold dialogue with Taliban, while refuting the same after 8 days.
Every filmmaker will now concentrate more on dialogues, because when you listen to dialogues, you should like it also.
Speaking on the occasion, Bhandarkar said he was very happy to be associated with UTV initiative and, as "Fashion" was a huge hit, its dialogue would now be available on mobile service.
JEDDAH: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah stressed the important role being played by King Abdul Aziz National Dialogue Center (KANDC) in deepening the values of love, tolerance and dialogue in Saudi society.
"Dialogue is vital for human progress because it is the torch that enlightens our minds, strengthens faith and deepens moral values," the Saudi Press Agency quoted the king as saying.
The committee staff was directly involved in developing their content, building the dialogue Website, and conducting the dialogues so they could independently create subsequent dialogues.
The committees announced the dialogues for three weeks.
This essay offers both descriptive and additive contributions to the noteworthy history of dialogue scholarship within the communication discipline.
Buber's (1965/2002) "History of the Dialogical Principle" begins the conversation, rendering a framework for understanding key questions in engaging dialogue scholarship.
Hence, we humans today have a stark choice: dialogue or death.
But in truth the history of Christian-Muslim relations, from its very beginnings until today, has simultaneously unfolded and continues to unfold along both of these major story lines--confrontation and conflict as well as dialogue and cooperation--sometimes running parallel and often intersecting.