dialogue with

dialogue with (one)

To discuss something with someone. After dialoguing with Marie about that problem, I came up with a good solution.
See also: dialogue

dialogue with someone

to talk with someone. I look forward to dialoguing with you tomorrow. The supervisor sets aside time to dialogue with each and every person in the department once a week.
See also: dialogue
References in classic literature ?
But not so much as her cynicism in the long dialogue with her lover which followed.
Is dialogue with Islam more difficult for Catholics than with other religions?
FUNK: Unfortunately we're still working more on dialogue with other Christians than with Islam, and frankly we should shift all our troops into this interfaith work.
It did shift a bit, however, and focused more on the dialogue with culture as a whole rather than religious topics and concerns.
As I went deeper into dialogue with Catholics (and with Protestants), I also learned that there were not very many of my fellow Jews who were interested in theological and in spiritual dialogue.
Father Gruner at any rate concluded that Dupuis was an outright heretic, denying any need for conversion to Christianity, affirming that all religions are equal, and that Catholic dialogue with Hindus is just meant to "make a Hindu a better Hindu," and nothing more (Fatima Network News, June 30, 2004, p.
Although the journey was primarily designed as a pilgrimage dedicated to furthering ecumenical reconciliation and dialogue with the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, it was clear that Benedict also used it as a chance to mend many of the fences of Catholic-Muslim relations broken by the Regensburg lecture.