dialogue with

dialogue with (one)

To discuss something with someone. After dialoguing with Marie about that problem, I came up with a good solution.
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dialogue with someone

to talk with someone. I look forward to dialoguing with you tomorrow. The supervisor sets aside time to dialogue with each and every person in the department once a week.
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References in classic literature ?
But not so much as her cynicism in the long dialogue with her lover which followed.
Therefore, according to the Islamic stand point, Interreligious Dialogue with wisdom (Hikmah) and respectable conduct is anexcellenttool of Islamic Da'wah(Preaching).
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Tehran believes in a win-win approach and is after active engagement and dialogue with the littoral states of the Persian Gulf, Iran's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Majid Takht Ravanchi said in a letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.
Hariri said in a TV interview last week that he was ready for a serious dialogue with Hezbollah with the aim of defusing Sunni-Shiite tensions.
She added that no incident can adversely impact on the dialogue and we have serious intent on the dialogue because we basically are not in dialogue with perpetrators and committers of violence and terrorist blasts whom we tackle according to the law.
ISLAMABAD -- Sharp division among political parties about dialogue with Taliban has been observed; wherein both factions of JUI are supporting dialogue with Taliban, while JI strongly advocates operation against dissidents.
In a major speech a couple of months ago leading Al Wefaq figure Ali Salman failed to mention dialogue at all, dismissing the very prospect of dialogue with the comment: Our legitimate demands cannot be debated by anyone from this regime and making threats about intensifying the use of force if these legitimate demands weren't met in full.
This book uses process theory as the lens through which to view various approaches to the Buddhist-Christian dialogue, namely, conceptual dialogue, conceptual dialogue with the natural sciences, socially engaged dialogue, and interior dialogue.
Yemen's ruling party, the General People's Congress (GPC), announced last Friday that the preparation for dialogue with the opposition parties will start in on Saturday.
The most significant portion of articles with "dialogue," "dialogic," or "dialogical" in the title published during this time was found in the Winter 2000 issue of Southern Communication Journal, with almost the entire publication devoted to the topic, and the February 2008 Communication Theory special issue on dialogue with all nine articles addressing this area of study.
Is dialogue with Islam more difficult for Catholics than with other religions?
This case study takes up the work of the Adrian Dominicans, outlining both the internal structures of dialogue that characterized their process and their dialogue with the Holy See, bringing their own understanding of the Dominican charism into line with the requirements of current leadership of the church universal.
However, to engage in a dialogue with no agenda can easily grow into a feeling that it is a waste time especially if it is a conflict situation and in times of pressing problems (Frydman et al., 2000; Slotte and Hamalainen, 2003).
During the structured dialogue process, physicians engage in face-to-face dialogue with one another and hospital leaders and learn to view their individual practices within a larger context.