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Hulsman said international relations so often amount to a dialogue of the deaf, with the contending powers knowing next to nothing about each other.
This was a dialogue of the deaf. Five years ago, the 79-day 'Umbrella' or 'Occupy' Movement led not to thoughtful consideration of how to reconcile differences over ways to enhance democracy in Hong Kong, but to a polarisation and hardening of positions.
The more one looks at its history the more it appears to have degenerated into a dialogue of the deaf. The same can be said about the Track-II stalwarts.
The more one looks at its 'results' the more it appears to be a dialogue of the deaf. Instead of leading the common man on both sides up the garden path, would it not be the decent thing to do to let him know the facts.
"It's a dialogue of the deaf," complained one European envoy.
It is a truism nowadays that political debates in Kenya tend to resemble a dialogue of the deaf. Both online and offline, they quickly degenerate into shouting matches, with both sides talking at, rather than to, each other.
"Unfortunately, my impression of the last few days, when I've been talking to the government, is that it seems to be a bit of a dialogue of the deaf. They've turned this into a battle of wills." Keir Starmer, chief Brexit spokesman for the main opposition Labour party, has tweeted that his MPs will back the amendment if pushed to a vote.
In a recorded interview scheduled for broadcast on Thursday night by the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, excerpts of which were leaked by the station mid-day, Anastasiades said Sunday's joint meeting he and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci will have with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is "how the dialogue becomes not a dialogue of the deaf but on the substance of the chapters of security, territory, and the rest".
"It was a dialogue of the deaf," said one participant, who asked not to be identified because of the confidentiality of the session, Reuters claimed.
The climate-change debates have often been a dialogue of the deaf: Some commentators, particularly the social and political activists, discuss it in moral terms; economists and policymakers discuss it in terms of costs; while experts discuss it in terms of science and technology.
While it wouldn't be a walk in the park to overcome the reproach that accumulated as a result of mutual ineptitude and dialogue of the deaf, a remedy will eventually be found in the weeks to come.
The minister said the annual UNHRC meeting in Geneva ends up being the "dialogue of the deaf" because it is based on political issues.
The head of the political council of the Aabaidat tribe in eastern Libya said "we reject the dialogue of the deaf that is absurdly moving from place to place by obtrusive elements who do not want well for Libya".
The Ukrainian unionists (with Russia) and Ukrainian nationalists are rapidly succumbing to a dialogue of the deaf, which will transmute into a horrific exchange of pointless casualties.
"We thought there was no point in continuing since it was going to be a dialogue of the deaf," Jouejati said.