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dialogue with (one)

To discuss something with someone. After dialoguing with Marie about that problem, I came up with a good solution.
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dialogue with someone

to talk with someone. I look forward to dialoguing with you tomorrow. The supervisor sets aside time to dialogue with each and every person in the department once a week.
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dialogue of the deaf

a discussion in which each party is unresponsive to what the others say.
The French equivalent dialogue des sourds is also sometimes used in English.
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References in classic literature ?
During this dialogue, the speakers had been walking at a very fast gait, and Natty swung the end of his rifle round, pointing through the bushes, and replied: “There lies one.
From a feeling that might have been, natural, and must have been powerful, neither of the friends, in their frequent and confidential dialogues, had ever trusted herself to utter one syllable concerning the equivocal situation in which the young man who was now so intimately associated with them had been found.
He has no proposals, in that dialogue at least, for making the best of things as they are.
In the Laws Plato represents one of the persons of the dialogue as having been asked by the people of Gortyna to draw up laws for a colony which they were founding.
This Dialogue is an attempt to answer the question, Can virtue be taught?
There may be some trace of irony in this curious passage, which forms the concluding portion of the Dialogue.
Mrs Deborah approved all these sentiments, and the dialogue concluded with a general and bitter invective against beauty, and with many compassionate considerations for all honest plain girls who are deluded by the wicked arts of deceitful men.
Now, there are these two curious touches of human nature working the secret springs of this dialogue.
Jasper's play of eyes between the two holds good throughout the dialogue, to the end.
Harry Maylie looked as if he could have followed up this short dialogue by one or two remarks that would have staggered the doctor not a little; but he contented himself with saying, 'We shall see,' and pursued the subject no farther.
This dialogue between Will Atkins and his wife, which I took down in writing just after he told it me, was as follows:-
growled the man in the brown coat, who had been gradually sneaking up the court during this short dialogue.
The Apology of Plato is not the report of what Socrates said, but an elaborate composition, quite as much so in fact as one of the Dialogues.
For there is no common term we could apply to the mimes of Sophron and Xenarchus and the Socratic dialogues on the one hand; and, on the other, to poetic imitations in iambic, elegiac, or any similar metre.
Weeks afterwards, in the midst of other occupations, he would suddenly cry out, "Brute--you brute, I couldn't have--" and be rent into two people who held dialogues.