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dial back

To lessen something, especially in intensity. I could barely move my arms all week—I guess it's time to dial back the workouts!
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dial down

To lessen something, especially in intensity. I could barely move my arms all week—I guess it's time to dial down the workouts!
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pocket dial

1. verb To inadvertently make a phone call by accidentally sitting or otherwise pressing on one's cell phone (typically when it is in one's pocket). A: "Do you know why grandma called me last night?" B: "Oh, I think she just pocket dialed you."
2. noun The act of making such a phone call. I was excited when Jill called me for the first time in months, but she didn't actually want to talk to me—it was just a pocket dial.
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rotary dial

The disk on a rotary telephone that is turned to dial a phone number. I hated having to use a rotary dial as a kid—it's so much easier to dial a phone number by pressing buttons.
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*wrong number

1. Lit. an incorrect telephone number. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; dial ~; give someone ~.) He got the wrong number and hung up. When a young child answered, I knew I had the wrong number.
2. Fig. [a state of being] incorrect, late, inaccurate, etc. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Boy, do you have the wrong number! Get with it! You have missed the boat again. You have the wrong number!
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dial up

To telephone someone or something: I dialed up my dentist and made an appointment. Would you dial your sister up and ask her what time she's coming over?
See also: dial, up
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