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honey-do list

A list or collection of tasks or jobs one has been requested to perform or undertake, especially household duties or jobs, given to a person by their spouse or romantic partner. It is a pun on "honeydew" (a fruit), with "honey" referring to a common term of endearment, and "do" referring to a "to-do list." All I want to do on the weekends is relax, but my husband always has some honey-do list for me.
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and dog-dew and dog-do (ˈdɔgdu)
n. dog dung. When the snow melts, the sidewalks are covered with dog-doo.



knock the dew off the lily

and shake the dew off the lily
phr. [for a male] to urinate, especially first thing in the morning. (The dew is urine.) He’s up and into the bathroom, knocking the dew off the lily long before I even get my eyes open. I gotta go shake the dew off the lily before I explode.
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shake the dew off the lily

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(mountain) dew

1. n. Scotch whiskey. The real mountain dew is smoky-tasting and amber.
2. n. illicit liquor; any liquor. Mountain dew is what I want. As long as it’s not store bought.
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In the final, Dews found himself trailing Dyson at the 11th end by 12-5, but he then had a six break before Dyson managed another three (15-11 to Dyson).
Dews then got in and after some terrific bowling was in front 17-15 at the 22nd end.
Carney-Smiih (old the court thai since attending Bournville College Dews had been offered a place at Keele University, which he was to take up tomorrow.
DEWS is a Swiss Government-supported tax & economic incentive programme with the single purpose of making all aspects of corporate relocation to Switzerland a positive and seamless experience.
The business was founded by Ernest Dews, the grandfather of current chairman and managing director David Hamer.
Based upon the way the SMED module is designed, it was easy to take it down and reassemble it in a way that fit the new location," Dews said.
Dews operates from garages in Halifax and Brighouse and is a main dealer for Vauxhall and Alfa Romeo.
At Versata, Joe Dews will lead the team responsible for strategic business development including technology alliances, marketing relationships and acquisitions.
Dews, who turns out for Slaithwaite CBC during the summer crown green season, said: "It's great to win, especially against a top-class bowler like Paul.
The board of directors, John Dews and their team, have done an excellent job of serving El Dorado and we are pleased that they will continue that leadership as a part of the Simmons First team.
One of the company's greatest assets," continued Dews, "is that through our automated conversion factory end-to-end approach, we can accomplish in six months what the old-fashion manual approach could do in two years.
After clicking the link the user was directed to the Mountain Dew website and a pop up box that said 'le 9gga are leggion' appeared .
Accurate and reliable determination of the hydrocarbon dew point in pipeline natural gas has become increasingly important, given the deregulated environment and varying range of gas quality.
Mountain Dew Pitch Black combines the great taste of Mountain Dew with a blast of black grape flavor.
KVH's new, premier satellite TV system for recreational vehicles includes such innovations as a compact 12" high design, electronic dew elimination technology, on-screen messaging and diagnostics, and an integrated 12V receiver designed specifically for RV applications.