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honey-do list

A list or collection of tasks or jobs one has been requested to perform or undertake, especially household duties or jobs, given to a person by their spouse or romantic partner. It is a pun on "honeydew" (a fruit), with "honey" referring to a common term of endearment, and "do" referring to a "to-do list." All I want to do on the weekends is relax, but my husband always has some honey-do list for me.
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euphemism Dog feces. If you're going to take the dog for a walk, be sure to take some bags with you for the dog-doo.

mountain dew

1. obsolete slang Scotch whiskey. My grandfather had me and my sister totally perplexed when he asked us to get him a glass of mountain dew with a splash of water in it.
2. obsolete slang Any home-distilled liquor; moonshine. My great-uncle was apparently notorious for supplying the whole region with mountain dew back during prohibition.
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shake the dew off the lily

euphemism To urinate. Said of or by a man. Excuse me a moment, I just need to go shake the dew off the lily.
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and dog-dew and dog-do (ˈdɔgdu)
n. dog dung. When the snow melts, the sidewalks are covered with dog-doo.



knock the dew off the lily

and shake the dew off the lily
phr. [for a male] to urinate, especially first thing in the morning. (The dew is urine.) He’s up and into the bathroom, knocking the dew off the lily long before I even get my eyes open. I gotta go shake the dew off the lily before I explode.
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shake the dew off the lily

See also: dew, lily, off, shake

(mountain) dew

1. n. Scotch whiskey. The real mountain dew is smoky-tasting and amber.
2. n. illicit liquor; any liquor. Mountain dew is what I want. As long as it’s not store bought.
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He said Dewing's intention was to get the money back, not to cause harm.
He told how Dewing joined the Green Howards at 16 but was dismissed after four-and-a-half years.
Dewing's life became blighted by drugs and a "chaotic lifestyle".
Judge Morris told Dewing: "This was a disgraceful attack on a woman.
Dewing, 31, of Sowerby Crescent, Stokesley, pleaded guilty to the burglary.
"Even on nights when dewing is not noticeable," Houston wrote, "the star images seem better with the heaters on than without them!" This may be because, contrary to what you might think, gentle heating keeps a telescope close to the temperature of the surrounding air.
The most destructive dewing happens when a telescope is in storage.
Rye and Dewing, 20, of Larch Avenue, Guisborough, deny the attempted murder of Mr Walls, 23, of Auckland Street, Guisborough.
There are also heaters for the popular Telrad finders (that have legendary dewing problems) and secondary mirrors in Newtonian reflectors.
Mr Robertson told the court that Dean Rye declined, but along with Dewing set about luring the other man to the rugby club for a fight later that day, via a phone call.
Mr Walls and a friend went to the car park around 6.30pm where it was alleged Dean Rye and Dewing were waiting in a car and when Mr Walls arrived the two of them jumped out and pulled on balaclavas, with Dean Rye holding a handgun.
Dewing was alleged to have smashed Mr Walls' car window with a paving slab while Dean Rye fired the handgun through the window at chest height.
He said Rye and Dewing fled and the car was found burned out.