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be devoured by (something)

To be dominated or overwhelmed by a particular emotion. I was totally devoured by anger the last time I saw my enemy.
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be devoured by something

be filled with a strong emotion that seems to control you: She was devoured by envy and hatred.
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The interests of both parties will therefore be best served by an adjustment of their respective rates of multiplication, such that the species devoured shall furnish an excess of numbers to supply the wants of the devourer, and that the latter shall confine its appropriations to the excess thus furnished.
Discovered on the streets, she rises among the Parisian elite and becomes the most dazzling courtesan of the day and "a devourer of men.
It is in fact Gilbert Torro who is under the spotlight because of his native village, alleged to be a hotbed of sorcerers: "That same day it was the turn of Gilbert Torro, who was roundly called a sorcerer and a devourer of souls; he put this attack down to jesting as well, which is why he retorted" (98).
In which case the stomach, the devourer, the mill, a Utilitarian object in itself, is marked out by 'constant grinding pain'.
The bug-eyed figure in Devourer looks as if he or she is eating his or her hands--or forcing him or herself to vomit--while the subject of Eye Eater crouches in a verdant landscape, preparing to consume a baseball-size orb plucked from her own socket.
Since Lamia is considered to be the first devourer of men of "man eater" (Ramos Calles 9), Justina and Barbara share this trait.
It (the bird) was a devourer and a thing devoured, and (being engrossed in its hunting) was ignorant of another hunter .
An ardent devourer of sentimental novels and Paris fashions Emma soon becomes disillusioned when life among the local bourgeoisie fails to live up to her romantic fantasies.
For example, if you want to reduce conflict because it might be your main devourer of time, consider what it is in cultures that causes conflict, and then what within each culture is the desired or socially accepted way to resolve it.
the vision of an enormous town presented itself, of a monstrous town more populous than some continents and in its man-made might as if indifferent to heaven's frowns and smiles; a cruel devourer of the world's light.
Germany is the second biggest devourer of rap music after the U.
Oh, and a great novel Dona Barbara, written by Romulo Gallegos, where the central character is seen as the devourer of men and dies in the end.
Urged to rework it, Driessen came back with a cleverly structured scenario in which a spider's web transforms a chameleon-like creature into a voracious devourer of everything it encounters.
The alimentary or digestive tenor of the imagery underscored by "satiata est" likens the archetypal male Theseus, monstrous devourer of virgins, to the hyper-sexed empress, who herself assumes male traits through the terms "tentigo" and "rigidus," generally applied to male erections.