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be devoured by (something)

To be dominated or overwhelmed by a particular emotion. I was totally devoured by anger the last time I saw my enemy.
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be devoured by something

be filled with a strong emotion that seems to control you: She was devoured by envy and hatred.
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The court while expressing resentment over it remarked " how it is possible that NAB releases and reinstates on their posts the officers who have devoured Shuhada's fund.
“The success of Devoured is a reflection of these efforts and highlights the positive changes in the culinary community that are the work of talented, energetic individuals, including chefs and restaurateurs, whose goal it is to transform the national image of Phoenix into a dining destination,” Lanning stated.
After all, Saturn (the Roman god of harvests, known as Kronos in Greece) devoured his own children.
If you've ever devoured a delicious wrap from a shop like Wrap Works, with its succulent chicken or grilled vegetables, you might have wished for a freezer full of them.
He really appears to feel himself being devoured from within.
When we both had devoured everything on our plates, our waiter appeared and said, "Did you see those two gentlemen sitting over there earlier?
Unfortunately, no one noticed that the toad doesn't generally eat these bugs, though it successfully devoured other native insects and micro-fauna to the point of extinction.
And there went out a fire from the Lord, and devoured them.
I don't think it's that I'm a lazy anti-science philistine--for example, I devoured a book that covered some of Pinker's ground more grippingly, Robert Wright's The Moral Animal.
A lot of them saw how dogs devoured the cadavers lying on the streets,' Adiong said.
It was also noted that teh most devoured series in India is Sci-Fi.
Narrated in simple prose, it tells of how Beowulf came to the aid of the Danish king Hrothgar, whose men were being devoured nightly by the monster Grendel.
Astronomers have theorized that globular clusters, which are common at the outskirts of large galaxies, are remnants of small galaxies devoured long ago.
The "Devoured By Vermin" was the last one before that.
Hardy, a 360-pound corrections officer in New York, has devoured a fifteen-and-a-half foot uncut roll of sushi in thirty minutes and inhaled twenty-three-and-a-half hot dogs in twelve minutes, according to the Columbia News Service.