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be devoured by (something)

To be dominated or overwhelmed by a particular emotion. I was totally devoured by anger the last time I saw my enemy.
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be devoured by something

be filled with a strong emotion that seems to control you: She was devoured by envy and hatred.
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And tiger sharks devour just about anything--mammal carcasses, tin cans, plastic bags, coal, and even license plates have been found inside their stomachs!
In the 1989 Dynamics of Power, a darkly glimmering mob of leaf-cutting ants blankets and devours the blue wings of a morpho butterfly.
Small crustaceans called copepods devour diatoms when the microscopic algae bloom in the ocean, but the eggs produced by these satiated copepods hatch less than a quarter of the time.
Immune cells called macrophages devour microorganisms, storing them temporarily in sacs known as phagosomes.
They wadded silk into a ball to devour while the web owner, a much bigger spider, "seemed to pay no attention."
All of which has led Narayan and his colleagues to reconsider what may happen when black holes devour matter.
Researchers report that for the first time they have found an indicator of how rapidly these gravitational monsters devour their surroundings.
All in all, Burst them up with devour then beat them up for maximum damage.
Reportedly, Kraft Heinz will air new 30-second ads in Super Bowl LIII featuring two of its brands, the legendary PLANTERS and brash newcomer DEVOUR.
Woodlands Mill on Luke Lane has been transformed into an Italian restaurant, bar, delicatessen and food producer, called Devour at the Dyehouse.
The fictional company portrayed in the movie was aptly called Engulf and Devour, with its hegemonic slogan, 'we put our fingers in everything.'
To make the most of our time in Madrid, we booked on two food and culture tours through the awardwinning Devour company.
A flamenco Founded in Madrid in 2011, Devour tours operate in five other Spanish cities, connecting visitors to the best local food experiences.