devote to (someone or something)

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devote to (someone or something)

1. To commit or dedicate oneself to someone or something. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between "devote" and "to." Because I have completely devoted myself to my family, I refuse to relocate for work and upend their lives. Unfortunately, Molly seems to have devoted herself to a dubious nonprofit organization.
2. To allocate or earmark someone or something for someone or something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "devote" and "to." This week, I'm devoting all of my free time to finishing my term paper. All of the interns have been devoted to our mailing, so it shouldn't take too long to finish.
3. To dedicate a religious or other solemn occasion to someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "devote" and "to." Today's prayer service is devoted to people in war-torn countries around the globe.
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devote oneself to someone or something

to dedicate or give oneself over to someone or something. Do you agree to devote yourself to this task? She devoted herself to raising her children.
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devote someone or something to someone or something

to dedicate someone or something to the use or benefit of someone or something. I will devote a few of my people to your project. Sarah devoted all of her time to Roger.
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devote to

1. To commit someone or something to some task: She devoted herself to finishing the project. Don't devote all your time to that one project. I'm devoted to finishing this book by Friday.
2. To commit someone loyally to someone or something: She devoted herself to her family. He was entirely devoted to his parents.
3. To set something apart for a specific purpose or use: I'm devoting Saturday to cleaning the house. This knife is devoted to cutting cheese.
4. To set something apart by or as if by a vow or solemn act; consecrate something: The priest devoted the Mass to the veterans in the parish.
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References in classic literature ?
I added even more, for I said, `Learn, my lord, that we gentlemen of France devote ourselves to our sovereigns by sacrificing for them our affections, as well as our fortunes and our lives; and whenever it may chance to happen that the tempter suggests one of those vile thoughts that set the heart on fire, we extinguish the flame, even if it has to be done by shedding our blood for the purpose.
Also we had to devote ourselves to the miserable task of bailing, for in some incomprehensible way the Reindeer had sprung a generous leak.
And Jove said, "Juno, you can choose some other time for paying your visit to Oceanus--for the present let us devote ourselves to love and to the enjoyment of one another.
Caroline and I do not forget our duty--what is my duty is Caroline's, as we have often said together--and with your approval and consent, father, we will devote ourselves to making your life agreeable."
So in line with my new mantra of starting local and starting small, Beng and I will devote ourselves to family and community, beginning with our apu-apuhan Buboy, who'll turn three this month, working with his parents to ensure that he'll get a good and sensible education while we can help it not just in school, but around the house and at the dinner table.
Herr Poppendick locks up the huts and we can devote ourselves to our winter sporting pursuits football, netball ...' Issie drank the hot sweetness, huddled in sweaters, her back against a radiator.
It is not the only time in life in which we learn (that should happen all the way to our deathbeds), but it is the phase in which we are free of the other demands of life, and can devote ourselves to education, whether formal or not.That stage ends after the first quarter-century or so of our lives.
"While we are on the field, we devote ourselves to our country & we give all we can to make India proud.
By following the Quaid's principles of the unity, faith and discipline, we have to devote ourselves to the construction of Pakistan, he said.
We have to devote ourselves to work for the poor segment of the society, he added.
'We have to devote ourselves to work for the poor segment of society,' he said talking to MPAs at his office in Chief Minister Secretariat, Peshawar.
If we must devote ourselves to politics, if doing so is unavoidable, then we have simply conceded that we live in a world of irremediable stupidity and brutality, a world in which scientists, technologists, and practical entrepreneurs, creators, and builders may be permitted to go about their work, but only in fetters and in the knowledge that whatever good thing they bring forth will be put, sooner or later, to an evil end as a result of politics.
"This year, we devote ourselves to the witch name of Lucia," said Dominika Moj#382iscaronovaacute, the Banskaacute Bystrica spokesperson, adding that anyone can join the walking crowd in silence and with candles in hands.
It is self-mastery that can help us overcome our impatience and to leave the answer for later, so we can devote ourselves to a task requiring concentration, or simply pay attention to the person with whom we are talking.
"We are ready to strongly devote ourselves to the reforms that will bring quick changes", said Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani for Ethnos.