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devolve (up)on (someone or something)

To become someone else's responsibility, as of a task or job. If Joe is out sick on Monday, I know that sorting the mail will devolve on me.
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devolve (up)on someone or something

[for something, such as a task] to be passed on to someone or a group. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) This job, I am afraid, devolves upon you and you alone. The task of repairing the damage devolved on Diane.
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"Devolving APD in Wales would give the Welsh Government the opportunity to cut the tax and make flying cheaper for hard-working families who want a holiday abroad."
However, Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has claimed he does not believe Mr Cameron had any intention of devolving them.
The committee heard a range of arguments for devolving APD, most notably the fact that two respected independent commissions - the Holtham and Silk Commissions - have previously made recommendations to devolve APD to Wales.
The Commons motion congratulates the Government on devolving power to Scotland and Wales and praises the campaign in the West Midlands for regional government.
Our fragile Welsh democracy and language are not sustainable without devolving broadcasting powers.
He added: "It's not just a piece of legislation actually it's about personnel as well, what's the cost of doing this at Westminster, and if you're devolving that to us what would be the appropriate level of funding that comes alongside of that?
A Westminster source said: "It just dawned on them that devolving all health and law matters to Scotland means devolving abortion as well.
A UK Government spokesperson said: "Having considered the impacts of devolving APD on nearby English regional airports, we have ruled out the devolution of APD to Wales."
A new 'crowd-sourcing' study of experts - chaired by the former Independent Police Complaints Commissioner for Wales Tom Davies - found support for the principle of devolving power for the police but a lack of engagement with practitioners and the public over the issue.
The Commission recommended that APD should be devolved for direct long-haul flights, and said that devolving all rates for APD to Wales should be part of the UK Government's future work on aviation taxation.
FUW president Glyn Roberts said: "It was a key demand in our manifesto and the FUW had called on the Government to fully assess the implications of repealing, amending or devolving legislation in light of developments such as trade negotiations.
The Federation says it would be possible to devolve police powers in Wales without devolving other parts of the criminal justice system.
DEVOLVING air passenger duty (APD) powers to Wales would secure more routes at Cardiff Airport, believes airline Flybe.
But when an amendment to the Wales Bill devolving APD was voted on, it was defeated by the block vote of Conservative MPs - including Mr Cairns, who represents the Vale of Glamorgan constituency in which the airport is situated.
FIRST minister Carwyn Jones has stressed the importance of devolving stamp duty to Wales to boost the housing market and support the hard-pressed construction sector.