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devolve (up)on (someone or something)

To become someone else's responsibility, as of a task or job. If Joe is out sick on Monday, I know that sorting the mail will devolve on me.
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devolve (up)on someone or something

[for something, such as a task] to be passed on to someone or a group. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) This job, I am afraid, devolves upon you and you alone. The task of repairing the damage devolved on Diane.
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At this important meeting with the devolved administrations today, I will be making clear my commitment to a deal that brings our country together, protects the security and prosperity of all our communities and business sectors, and reinforces our Union of nations.
He wrote: "The amendments replace the previous blanket reservation of devolved areas which are subject to retained EU law, with a power for the UK Government to make regulations in the UK Parliament imposing such a restriction in any such devolved areas.
We believe the counties should get more resources to finance devolved functions and not slash their rightful share.
The UK Government's Mr Lidington said: "The proposal that we have put on the table is a considerable offer that I hope the devolved administrations will engage with constructively.
The UK Government had agreed a funding deal for the forthcoming levy for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland under which each of the devolved governments will receive a share of the money paid in based on population.
It prevents the devolved institutions from making any changes to EU rules and regulations which are being written into UK law by the Bill.
Equally, the devolved governments will have to accept that Westminster will have the final say," it said in a report.
The North East, both the North East Local Enterprise Partnership and Tees Valley Unlimited, cannot afford by 2017 to be surrounded by Scotland, Yorkshire and the North West who by then would all have some form of devolved powers, and consequently not be able to compete on a level playing field.
This is why we want the budget and responsibility for Remploy to be devolved to Wales.
PRIME Minister David Cameron is today urged to re-think plans for a referendum at the same time as elections to devolved administrations.
He explores the scope of devolved powers over social policy, identifies the comparative differences in social policy and provision, assesses the factors promoting convergence in social policy, examines the interfaces and overlaps in policy and provision which have developed with the interaction of both devolved and non-devolved powers between the three countries and the UK government, considers the role of underlying values and principles found in the approaches of the devolved administrations to social policy, and looks at some of the available evidence for comparing social need and the outcome of provision and expenditure since devolution.
Like other mayors, Power would like to see northern communities cooperating, putting pressure on the new government to return newly devolved responsibilities downloaded by the previous government back to the province.
If power is devolved to the states, the benefits of a strong central government go with it.
The devolved parliament in Dublin never really got off the ground and the (independent) Irish Free State came into existence in 1922, but the troubled Stormont Parliament lasted until 1972.