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devolve (up)on (someone or something)

To become someone else's responsibility, as of a task or job. If Joe is out sick on Monday, I know that sorting the mail will devolve on me.
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devolve (up)on someone or something

[for something, such as a task] to be passed on to someone or a group. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) This job, I am afraid, devolves upon you and you alone. The task of repairing the damage devolved on Diane.
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Reagan did not so much devolve authority as eliminate it.
Labour also calls for more powers over transport, which will see them devolve powers over the Wales Border Franchise if they are in power .
The package of tax and borrowing powers it devolves to Wales should be used by the Welsh Government to grow the Welsh economy, give Wales a competitive edge and help the people of Wales feel more secure about having a better future.
Never mind elected mayors, we have got to devolve powers locally.
If you're going to devolve the energy consenting process then devolve it and let Welsh Government deliver.
But Mr Brown warned: "The obvious danger is that the central government devolves extra responsibilities, and devolves the ability to raise revenue to cover them, thus removing expenditure burden from the general taxpayer and placing it on the shoulders of the local taxpayer.
WELSH Office minister David Jones yesterday ruled out plans to devolve alcohol licensing to the Assembly Government.
They have joined forces to form a Cabinet of the Core Cities, which is urging the Government to enact proposals drawn up by Tory peer Lord Heseltine to devolve funding to the regions.
The Federation says it would be possible to devolve police powers in Wales without devolving other parts of the criminal justice system.
The Deputy Prime Minister confirmed that the Government would announce details of the funding and powers it is willing to devolve as part of the spending review on June 26.
There has already been an attempt to devolve powers over APD to Wales.
We'll continue to lobby against any plans to devolve APD varying powers to Scotland, though clearly people north of the border will argue for the opposite, as being able to lower it would give them a competitive advantage," he said.
LABOUR came under fire from Plaid Cymru yesterday for not backing their bid to devolve Air Passenger Duty to the National Assembly.
Mr Butler said: "Of all the taxes there is good reason to devolve that on fuel, at least within a band, so that it could then be reduced in rural areas.
Market impact of proposals to devolve APD to Scotland: Should decision making powers regarding APD rates be devolved to Scotland resulting in lower rates than those applicable in England, then significant numbers of passengers would switch from Newcastle to the Scottish Airports.