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the devil

Particularly difficult, arduous, or unpleasant. My husband's handwriting is the devil to read. This cake is always the devil to get out of the pan, so it always ends up looking like a mess by the time I'm done.
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Fig. a severe scolding. (*Typically: get ~; Catch ~; give someone ~.) Bill is always getting the devil about something. I'm late. If I don't get home soon, I'll catch the devil!
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The Devils scored just 1:06 into the game when Paul Crowder batted the puck out of the air past Patrick Galbraith.
The free range facility will house retired devils that are no longer required for breeding as part of the Tasmanian devil insurance population.
Devils fans can access the One Jersey Network through both the Devils' team app and via the iHeartRadio app.
With no cure in sight, researchers warn that the remaining 20,000 to 30,000 devils could disappear within a decade.
Captive insurance populations of devils exist in interstate zoos and on mainland Tasmania, but the devils on Maria Island will be the first to be released into the wild.
Devils hit back from 3-0 down to win 7-4, scoring six goals in the final period.
Genetic analysis of tumors taken from infected devils in different parts of Tasmania reveals that these insulating cells, known as Schwann cells, became cancerous in a single devil and have since passed to other devils, an international team reports in the Jan.
But the Sun Devils had been on the cusp of breaking through for weeks.
Literature has recruited this symbol in tales of meeting the devil at the crossroads at midnight or embracing the Faustian bargain to barter the soul in return for what is mortally desirable.
Devils often fight among themselves, especially during mating season.
On 3 June 1948 the Red Devils were reactivated as Marine Fighting Squadron 232.
One of the first things a visitor to Chatham High School's gymnasium will see is a banner that reads, "Welcome to the Home of the Blue Devils.
Apprentices in the newspaper business used to be called printer's devils.
Bonner's description of characters, as ambiguous and intriguing as her set description, indicates two sets of players: Sundry White Devils, whose "horns glow red all the time," and Us's, who may be "white as the White Devils" or "brown as the earth" but should "look as if they were something or nothing" (Bonner 191).
humanity--carefree devils strumming and humming all