devil take the hindmost

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the devil take the hindmost

Each person must work independently toward their own success, as in competitive situations. Increasingly, it seems like it's the devil take the hindmost during election season.
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(the) devil take the ˈhindmost

(saying) everyone should look after themselves and not care about others: I like the way people here always queue up. Back home we just push and shove, and the devil take the hindmost!
See also: devil, hindmost, take
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When the USBA was dissolved amidst feuding interests and egos, each company focused on its own brands, and devil take the hindmost.
He is the author of Devil Take the Hindmost, which was published last year in New York and London.
His angel Thatcher, in sorting out the unions which, of course, struggled over generations to improve the lot of ordinary people, wrought havoc, undermined solidarity, brought chronic fear into the workplace and a devil take the hindmost mentality, all in shameful contrast to her, grotesque, evocation of St Francis of Assisi.
Dave Heald of VCSt Raphael won the 500m Sydney Handicap and his team-mate Alan Peet was first in the Devil Take the Hindmost.
One is no better than the other as long as they are alright the devil take the hindmost.
Ireland's Ray Clarke won the eight laps scratch and was second in the Devil take the Hindmost behind team-mate Paul Healion.
He went straight for the rails and devil take the hindmost, squashing four horses on his inside and causing one actually to bend the plastic rails
He is the real inheritor of Maggie Thatcher's view of the world - devil take the hindmost.