devil take the hindmost

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the devil take the hindmost

Each person must work independently toward their own success, as in competitive situations. The phrase is sometimes preceded by "Every man for himself." Increasingly, it seems like it's the devil take the hindmost during election season.
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(the) devil take the ˈhindmost

(saying) everyone should look after themselves and not care about others: I like the way people here always queue up. Back home we just push and shove, and the devil take the hindmost!
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devil take the hindmost, the

Too bad for whoever or whatever is last or left behind. The term comes, it is thought, from children’s games like tag, in which the person left behind is the loser. By the sixteenth century it had been transferred to out-and-out selfishness (“Every one for him selfe, and the divel for all,” John Florio, First Fruites, 1578). Beaumont and Fletcher wrote, “What if . . . they run all away, and cry the Devil take the hindmost?” (Philaster, 1608, 5.1).
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THE last event was a devil take the hindmost elimination race.
Rhyl Cycling Club''s Gwyn Lovibond, from Dyserth, has also been on the Manchester boards, and in Group Two of the Friday Night First Division series he has had two wins in consecutive weeks in the Points and Devil Take The Hindmost elimination races.
Although he sounds wiser than his years, 31-year-old singer-songwriter-guitarist James Keyes comes off very much as an old soul who's making up for lost time and settling old scores on his latest, "Devil Take the Hindmost."
Recognising the predilection, and determined to play the game they know, the Aussies have decided to charge and may the devil take the hindmost," Roebuck said.
Act 2: "Entr'acte," "Why Does She Love Me?," "Devil Take the Hindmost," "Heaven by the Sea (Reprise)," "Ladies ...
Googling a runner Everymanforhimself 2.45 Lingfield The expression is believed to go back to at least the 16th century and is usually followed by "and the Devil take the hindmost".
A compilation of five short dramas by Thomas Bernhard, "Sauve qui peut" pas mal comme titre ("Devil take the hindmost" not a bad title) explores latent fascism in contemporary society.
Go for the divisive option and devil take the hindmost.
UK Athletics has announced that rising star Mo Farah has added a "devil take the hindmost" race at the Norwich Union Grand Prix in Birmingham to his challenging winter schedule.
Get back to a boot camp mentality where it's us against the world and devil take the hindmost.
In a world that is increasingly dominated by an individualistic focus on success via unbridled market forces (and the devil take the hindmost), these pericopes remind us that as both the creation and re-creation of God in Christ, we share a mutuality in our existence.
Ellan Vannin CC's Peter Williams, 2003 ECHO Junior Star Trophy winner, won the Devil take the Hindmost for future stars.
When the USBA was dissolved amidst feuding interests and egos, each company focused on its own brands, and devil take the hindmost. No one took over the essential task of defending the interests of beer.
If we accept the goodies America offers, do we also have to accept the rest of the package: the lack of a comprehensive welfare system, the absence of a health service for a large minority--not only for the poorest but for middle- class divorcees, the stressful work style and the paucity of holidays, the homeless beggars on city streets, the barbarous gun laws, the murder rate five or ten time that of Western Europe or Japan, the numbers of children killing children, the drug dealing and the crime and corruption that go with it, the racism and white supremacist militias, the moralizing politicians who sacrifice good governance to sex scandals, and, despite the charitable impulses of the many generous Americans, the "devil take the hindmost" ethics of the free market?
Does the secret of success in life have to be "each for himself and the devil take the hindmost"?