the devil is in the detail

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the devil is in the detail(s)

Plans, actions, or situations that seem sound must be carefully examined, because minor details can end up causing major, unforeseen problems. Double check your code—with software, the devil is in the details.
See also: devil

the ˌdevil is in the ˈdetail(s)

used to say that it is the small individual parts of a task, a written document, a design, etc. that may cause most problems and difficulties: In any negotiation, the devil is in the detail.
See also: detail, devil
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But the devil is in the detail, and the complexities around these records are that there are confidentiality issues important to patients, clinical issues important to physicians, and technology issues," said Schaeffer.
According to McBride, the devil is in the details and implementation.
It is often said that "the Devil is in the details," and many, many details remain to be specified.